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10, 11, 12; Relational Somatics

10, 11, 12; Relational Somatics

Days 10-12 • 24-26 October 2023

Day 10.

Today, I'm finishing up our updates to the 24/7 livestreaming rotation at It even seems to be running mostly on time.

If you'd like to take a look at the line-up, we're keeping it in this document. (More related links can be found by browsing from

I have intermittent clarity on previous sequences; but this most recent sequence having surpassed 200 numbered episodes is a pretty rad experience.

Severely disabled people at the intersections I and our other community members are navigating do not typically reach any privilege of communicating in such a way.

This occurred because the survivors of severity shepherding our Intuitive Network (including myself) have shown up with resources they could barely get by without -- because they knew what was at stake.

Even as scarce as resources have been, we have brought together crucial elements of success; and we're still moving forward.

I am feeling that and it feels amazing.

Day 11.

Rescue relief is a serious commitment, and changes one's days in unexpected ways.

One's own recovery experience is personal, often very intimate to oneself, and it, too, is a serious commitment. We often don't realize how serious -- until we are confronting our own body's need for recovery.

Navigating rescue relief collaborations while recovering from one's own compounded, long-term injuries sounds like it would be unwise or impossible.

That's what I thought, at first, too.

I also stumbled around and bumped into problems a lot, when I started to try to figure it out.

And then I found out how much more effectively one's own recovery -- from physical injuries, from many forms of trauma -- can progress when one is truly attuning and presencing with others in their recovery journeys.

It was unexpected for me that this is such a very strange and complicated landscape; and so hidden from the outside.

We have spent a lot of years now determining how best to communicate it. I do think we're making some headway. But it continues to be a wild and miraculous kind of poetry.

Well, I like poetry. :-)

Day 12.

What is your daily process?

What do you practice… repeating, refining, and regenerating… moment-to-moment?

It might be something you only reiterate once a day… or you might find yourself deepening into a practice that suffuses your minutes and seconds.

And… one may become the other without warning.

There are always new layers to explore; linear and non-linear.

When we have survived extreme and long-term forms of violence, especially when access to professional care resources is limited or prevented, any practice that can be found must itself be rooted profoundly in relational somatics.

What is your beingness, here in the world?

How does your brilliantly wise and wondrous body repair your beingness, bringing you into wholeness and fluency?

In what ways are you interconnected with all other beings?