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235 • Intuitive Economic & Media Privilege in the Collective Body (11 March 2024)

235 • Intuitive Economic & Media Privilege in the Collective Body (11 March 2024)

How did we find our way back here? Simultistream 0003, Megan Max Mo presiding.

In this our Simultistream 0003, we explore the restoration of access and communication in the collective body. 

Honorable, considered measures to recover economic and media privilege for all.

Does this subject seem to feel… enticing?

In this Simultistream broadcast of 11 March 2024, Megan Elizabeth Morris (Mack, Max, Mo — and Megan the M) unfolds the complex yet delicate ecosystem of the collective body; its economics, its communications, its reach and agility… its inherent somatic vitality.

Together with dear viewers (as well as listeners, contemplators, and psychic tuner-inners) we ponder the ouch, ironic disparities faced by the most vulnerable among us. These severely disabled and severely affected colleagues often find themselves without recognition, without belonging, and without a voice; unknown, unseen, unheard.

Yet, these survivor-colleagues are an integral part of the collective. And without our awareness of their lived experiences and circumstances, we stumble through a cruelly-normalized tokenization of those we'd profoundly benefit from actually knowing.

When we practice community connectivity — com-munity, where together we gift privileges to and with one another as part of wholeness and relational integrity — we restore the living resources of recovery potential and reclaim vocational vitality for the entire community body.

It doesn't serve us to overlook our parts.

No need to let so many go missing.

Aside: Read more about our Simultistream broadcast adventuring, including this Simultistream 0003, by exploring our Substack article of March 13th:

The more we notice contextual depths in how we navigate all we’re navigating, the more prepared we are for the newest and most unexpected of experiences unfolding.

We're not talking about "leveling the playing field," exactly, because all our fields are unique and individual; but we are all here together, resonating, vibrating; interrelated in interbeingness.

Ensuring that recovery privilege is something we share with one another… generously, and with true care… empowers everyone to regain function, release dependence upon the most disabling of "disability aids," and avoid the tricks and traps of monetized help-that-hurts.

(What's that Johanna O'Tigham has been mentioning so frequently, recently? The debility dollar. Hmm! Intriguing.)

Megan's take on the (Intuitive) economic power of media privilege in the hands and hearts of our most invisible and severely affected brethren proffers new, emergent and engrossing discussions of Intuitive Public Media; how we can healthfully highlight the essential aptitudes and awesome expertise of those otherwise unseen, and promote attuned healing through many forms of embodied collaborative fluency.

We speak here to the soul of the communal body; addressing damages to and absences of parts dearly needed; and become more deeply aware of our own intimate knowledge of disabling experiences — visible, or hidden.

In dialogue we extend an olive branch, a message of courage and compassion, to all wrestling secretly (or thrashing in the open) with circumstantial complexity.

When we understand the natural interrelationships of living creatures… and the spurious links of artificial interconnectivity, which pretends to be something it cannot truly achieve… we start to recognize how powerful these dialogues can be.

Watch for our upcoming video content exploring Intuitive Economic and the (solvable! miracle-making!) implications of missing… then restoring… so many crucial parts of our communal anatomies.

From macrocosm to microcosm and round-and-round again; from a spark of the moment to relational memory… we navigate challenges successfully.

We celebrate our increasing capacities.

O, Divine design — the wide-awake wondrousness of collective belonging.

Tell us here in the comments how you feel…

…what you hear and see…

…and who you're becoming.

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