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7, 8, 9; Divine Design

7, 8, 9; Divine Design

Days 7-9 • 21-23 October 2023

On the 7th day… strong dream traveling, waking and sleeping. Curious encounters.

Good medicine.

Being in the world is a vibrating-frequencies-thing.

I'm cultivating silent stillness, prayerfulness in the breath of the body, and connection to the dreaming materials that were lingering with me as I woke from REM earlier this morning.

My moment-to-moment is ever-new; I practice releasing expectations about what I will remember, how my brainbody may function at any given time, or whether I of my own self will fulfill a particular intention. Those are not entirely within my control.

My present moment is in wholeness. I expand it and dream my desired futures; I let it carry me forward (in all directions, simultaneously).

On Day 8, I center myself with especial dedication.

The intention that is fulfilled comes about through Divine design; through the collaboration I faithfully engage while not wholly knowing all the specific elements of the universe's collaboration with me.

I did not anticipate this kind of "living in the present" before I experienced severe long-term neurological injury. I continue to run up on the realization that not being able to control (or even necessarily recall) my previous words or movements is an intriguingly (surprisingly?) nutritive way to explore the world.

There's been fear, there's been uncertainty, and rigidity around what some might think about it, when I know that others don't know the details of my experience.

I want to convey my care and regard for them, and I notice how that slips beyond me, diligently though I may try to secure opportunities for it. Maybe it's only meant to happen when it happens.

Best to release that tension.

More than enough blessings to mention.

Prayers for just the right miracles to emerge in the midst of each and every one.

On Day 9, I grow my roots even deeper.

All the cycles of all the peaces of all the parts of all the materials… we are yet more complex than the densest of Tarot decks. Overt and hidden intricacies vibrate our worthiest frequencies. From the greatest of challenges, we are gifted powerful learning.

We are all wending our way on paths we cannot predict.

I am extending such wishes to those with whom I have not been able to connect… as well as to those I have been privileged to interconnect with.

You are important to me too, you know.

What's your flow?