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35. Keeper of the Mysteries — from Way of the Horse by Linda Kohanov, with art by Kim McElroy. These pages highlight ancient stories of Demeter, the mare-headed goddess, and all our journeys to heal from trauma.

Mack’s text reading in the audio above comes from Way of the Horse by Linda Kohanov, with beautiful artwork by Kim McElroy.

We were moved to hear that Jerome Bernstein left this physical plane on 22 January 2023, and we wish him profound nourishment in his cosmic travels. We send love to him, to his family and dear ones. We found that Speaking of Jung posted a great collection of links to Jerome’s work on their podcast page, where there is an interview with him that we’re looking forward to spending more time with.

Mark Lakeman’s video, How to turn your Neighborhood into a Village, has been posted at (Lydia Joy’s podcast is worth delving into — find her at

In addition, this Intuitive page about Borderlands experiences features audio & photography by Mack Max Metta Mo Megan Elizabeth Morris with the collaborative assistance of Intuitive Invisibles groups across this worldwide Intuitive network.

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