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Channel The One Who Knows

Channel The One Who Knows

Radical Somatic Energy Conversion Through The Torsion Field Of Unconditional Love • Iq' 2 Aq'ab'al, Iq' 4 Chicchan (Wind 4 Serpent) • created by Megan Elizabeth Morris in collaboration with MidJourney AI • support increased art peace: • Find more:

Channel the one who knows, she says... I listen.

And then I open my mouth to speak.

Some parts of this are the long game, and some parts come swiftly into place.

We do not judge the timing of outcomes by another element's pace.

Each item occurs at its own best rate.

And yet, this timing can be affected by how we organize our inherent resources: crucially, the words we speak and the pictures we make; the thoughts in our heads; the stories in our bodies; our moment-to-moment symbology.

This is a powerful discipline.

It is not so easy to mistress it.

And yet...

Witness how we have been mistressing.

Patience is a practice of some significance, too often married with frustration...

...and yet there is no other way to recognize, experience, and integrate each increment of a learning process that occurs in a density and wholeness of detail.

Must not be rushed; cannot even happen, if rushing is our only concept of proceeding.

To locate oneself as disciple to the sacred... means discipline. For all we have been misled about the meaning of the word, still nature arrives to teach us.

Do we acknowledge her ministrations?

Are we grateful for her tending?

Do we know her care for us by her actions?

Let us never misinterpret the great challenge of our challenging situations as a lack of care from the universe.

Let us recognize the gift in it that strengthens us... ways we could not have achieved without that experience.

There seems a sourness of trauma that wants to respond to that kind of statement. But is it less true for that?

I think not.

The trauma comes from words like these being said in situations... where people are divesting themselves of responsibility for their environments and their own decisions.

Then it rings hollow and it doesn't mean anything.

But in the presence of attunement, relational integrity, and the collaborative fluency of an interconnected living ecology...

...the gift of the hardship experience...

...can then flow through relationships between living beings...

...and strengthen the collective body...

...rather than being an excuse for shrugging off someone's suffering and traumatic adversity.

A spiritual bypassing abandons the physical body; not only of the individual, but of the community.

The difference between spiritual bypass and somatic strengthening is relational integrity.

Best to ask ourselves every moment: Do we know what that means? And practice it.

Wherever it may be missing, our hardship and suffering is only increased.

Some things, the people around us simply don't know how to do — even if they used to. In order to move forward, we must provide them with a framework they can align themselves to... like tomatoes grow on structures in the garden that help them be upright and fruitful.

If we don't know the form of the structure yet, we can imagine it.

If we cannot yet imagine it...

...we can invite it to arrive for us…

…in some fashion...


...miracle and blessing.

It will, if we are wise in our practice... and patient.

This sacred discipline is joyfulness.

It is powerful beyond our comprehension.

It is how our living bodies conduct countless somatic operations; sorting out and rearranging and repairing all manner of infinitesimal things without even our conscious awareness.

Life vitality does this.

We are full with it.

It is a simmering cauldron of us.

It is a bubbling, whickering stream.

It is silvery notes of birdsong.

It is the gentle summer breeze.

There is no better way to be.