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Day 13

Day 13

Max Mo Dailies -- that's a verb! -- the 27th of October, 2023.

Day 13.

It's been interesting to me… how we have found that people from many walks of life… at privileged intersections and at underprivileged intersections… are experiencing hidden trauma, violence, injury, and seemingly-insurmountable adversity.

Whereas many people in hardship (or not in hardship) are acculturated to place blame, we find that individual experiencing is so radically diverse, there is never truly a way to know what someone is going through when they respond (or don't respond) in a particular way.

Although money, resources, and relationships do change landscapes for those who can access them, still, there are often very serious challenges they must overcome in order to keep their own place in their own structure of interconnections… without any idea how they could survive if they don't succeed in that way.

Although many of us perceive an impassible divide between those in extreme hardship and those who are not experiencing extreme hardship, we have more in common than we at first realize.

We all wonder how to steady our ships.

We all seek nourishment and strength.

We want to build resources that align health and wellness for our families and communities.

Each of us has developed a unique and profound lived expertise at our most immediate intersections… and may feel pressed by the daunting challenge of learning how to recognize it, claim it, and express it to others.

We aspire to being our own real selves in a way that we've often been prevented from; balking and chafing when someone or something tried to misdirect us; desiring the emergence of our own truest expressions of self-ness.

And massively, sacredly…

…we are all so different.

And massively, sacredly…

…what we have to be shared, to be recognized in similarity…

…is powerful beyond all reckoning.

How do we tune to that?

What frequency, these blessings?