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Day 20; Dawning

Day 20; Dawning

Ik 8 Muluc, 3 November 2023

Today is retreat day.

Describe what you want to experience as if it is here.

Begin to notice how in fact it is actually here in ways you had previously overlooked.

Celebrate what is here!

Enjoy the gradual experiential narrative of blessings growing roots, leaflets, and tiny buds.

Here is where we're at in it. Here activates rich nutrient structures and magic that flows through soil into plant bodies, into animal bodies.

Each moment, we are becoming.

What you want to experience, somehow, is already occurring. Continues to show itself, increasingly occurring.

Your loftiest goals; your deepest desires; your truest faith in the manifest beingness of a beautiful reality physiologically grounding to your living body.

Greetings to the dawning of a wondrous world.