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Days 38-47; Business & Communications

Days 38-47; Business & Communications

The economics of connection & truth-telling in the community body

Here this morning is a series of recordings that assists us in locating ourselves.

Days 38 through 47; November 21st through 30th.

The moon is bright, shining through my bedroom window — as it has been for quite a few days now. She is in Cancer until tomorrow in the late morning.

I have a series of writing projects that have advanced forward.

I suspect they will be shared here. And at the same time, I wonder a lot... what the best way to share them can be.

I'm turning off the light again.

It's still very dark at 06:34 AM.

And so the moon, like a spotlight still — how many days after full? — is a very bright light.

In the writing projects that will be unfolding, we are discussing the challenges of modern business practices... and how important it is to bring awareness of the entire community body, of the entire ecosystem in which we are living and being, in order to balance in relational integrity.

We have such opportunities to care for one another.

The suffering that people experience without being able to connect with others, without being able to say what's happening... for fear of rejection, for fear that they will be cut off from contact, excluded from the community body... this is a very real danger, especially for those who have encountered extremity.

The messages that people receive typically, in most communities, is that their whole selves are not welcome; and whatever they may be struggling through, they had better err on the side of protecting others from it — even if that means foregoing their own stabilization and recovery.

Community bodies have been acculturated against creating legitimate resources for these situations.

Most people, most of the time, are not able to handle the conversation...

...which means that most communities, most of the time, are living in dissociative denial about what's happening right in their midst and around each and every member of that community. Witting or unwitting.

This is a hard circumstance to be navigating.

People who are aware of it feel very alone.

It is very isolating to experience these things.

Part of what causes it are the modes of business and economics that have been popularized over the generations.

So we adapt our practices.

We make significant changes to how we do business.

One of the reasons we've been so drawn to the work of Mark Silver and the Heart of Business is because of the ways that he addresses these problems in his work inherently.

There are other communities discussing business and economics that we have found ourselves drawn to; and there are some complex conversations occurring.

And yet we still have this particular challenge.

How do we show up as who we are?

How do we tell the truth about what's going on?

How do we present a gentle, easing introduction to subject intersections that most people really need a very slow and gradual and patient entry for... when what's happening in our communities, to our families, to our individual bodies is not patient or easy?

It requires the utmost courage and resilience to survive.

It is a continuous navigating of traumatic experience that is beyond anyone's capacity — such that even with the amazing strengths that emerge in survivors who are continuously encountering these kinds of adversity, the body's ability to communicate about it really changes.

One can pretend and perform... for a long time... before realizing that when one may have an opportunity to communicate more deeply, more forthrightly, about what's happening, there is such a danger that those communications will spill over...

...and overwhelm or short the circuitry of another person who has shown up with a true desire to be supportive, to find ways to help; who authentically desires relationship even with those who have experienced tremendous adversity; but also may not have any clue what that set of experiences really means.

And so how do we give one another opportunities to connect to this... small peaces...

...without ourselves coming to pieces?

Mack's Memo • Intuitive Public Radio
Mack's Memo • Intuitive Public Radio Podcast
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