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Dream Travel 10

Dream Travel 10


This Dream Travel page features experiential contact, vibrational attunement, relational resonance, ideaform imagery, audio, art, direction, & photography by Mack Max Metta Mo Megan Elizabeth Morris.

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It’s been a trick finding — where — are we located. Are you in your body fully now, right in these moments? Are you sure you’re present as present can be? We sing songs around here about community bodies. Your community body’s in need.

Your solution — presently — revitalizes all capacities.

There is a thing about being in a physical form that is odd; the neurons can go elsewhere (spitting, erased, evaporating into air or some other matter) maybe winked out of existence or seared or split to peaces

Perhaps only sleeping.

After some great repeating strangeness of the sizeable portions of brain injury one can sustain again (and again and again and again) …

… one can begin to notice that a camera will show one what others (maybe, speculatively, theoretically, might) see.

And then where neurons are wiped, where roots yet twitch in agony from brutalities and intensities — and that preternatural swiftness — of the consuming fire …

… the brain can look at the picture again.

… and say — a-ha! — that’s what it looks like to be observed in a physical body.

Move the head this way.

Move the eyes that way.

All these different and interesting sensory organs… appendages… physiological drives… survival needs? Survival needs. Survival needs?

Survival needs.


Sort of… intriguing.

What does the body I’m in look like again?

Then tromping down through the greater body of the universe, calling out to cardinals bright signal red and warm nesting brown

… what successes report?

Having unfolded into the world surrounded by fruits and snap-traps of social engineering many-generations-layered-deep, and we swimming through the tweaks and stitches of narcissisms and neuroses to eke our works and earn our livings

Now in this day and age I and countless others cannot see or retain the embodied dimensions of our physical matter-forms. Where is this neural function?

Just remind me. We’ll grow it back together.

It’s a food forest.

Jaguar mama says.

Do dare we ever venture

bravely again?

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