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Dream Travel 8

Dream Travel 8


This Dream Travel page features experiential contact, vibrational attunement, relational resonance, ideaform imagery, audio, art, direction, & photography by Mack Max Metta Mo Megan Elizabeth Morris.

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Just flow.

Flow out into the space.

Be your own shape, your own light — and sound.

The 15th of April arrived as Deer 1 Deer twenty days before 8 Deer graced us, and the penumbral lunar eclipse in Scorpio. Thank you, this fifth of May. (Technically, the first fifth of May’s thirty days was complete sometime since yesterday. Now we are amidst two fifths of May. Onward fifths — all blessings attend ye. )

Somehow that flame found us and expanded, sheering or shimmering through us.

Now with the old matter broken apart and falling to dust, the new green growth is stretching and suffusing where it can. Come up, come up.

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