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Infrastructure; Toolsets

Infrastructure; Toolsets


What is the use of Intuitive infrastructure and Intuitive toolsets to people who are experiencing such severe disability?

There are lists of things they cannot do.

Intuitive infrastructure and Intuitive toolsets leverage the power of attuned relationship.

Where one of us cannot do a particular thing, someone else nearby maybe can.

We prioritize together the sharing of everyday stories... so that, supported by relationships in the community, we can all become more known to one another, even in circumstances of extreme hardship and debility.

We recognize how significantly we have succeeded already, because we've done what must be done… with too few hands and hearts present.

The more people who practice Intuitive toolsets in the environments we have strengthened with Intuitive infrastructure, the more we discover the antidote to socially-induced disability — truly, the only form of disability.

We know and care for the community body and all of the living beings who are part of that complex ecosystem.

We practice Intuitive toolsets by noticing what emerges in our experiencing and our moment-to-moment solutions implementation.

What do you notice that bears repeating?

What process fits perfectly into a variety of different situations, and performs helpfully for you when invoked?

These are sigils that we are making in the world through our words and imaging; through our intentional, imaginal manifestationing.

It may seem like a sentence, but it's an incantation.

This Intuitive toolset I notice now in the present can be described thusly.

Here we call the making of Intuitive toolsets.

We construct them.

They form from the stuff of the universe as we put our focus on them... and recognize what we achieve when we practice them; every day; every minute, maybe.

What is the value of this to people who aren't yet able to communicate with us?

You who are listening will always have opportunities to build bridges between the Intuitive network and the people in your midst who really need the support of the Intuitive network.

That's something we're all working on together, expanding our reach so that practical resourcing and relational resourcing are both fully accessible to survivors of the most severe disabilities; survivors of invisible violence; survivors of long-term extremity.

This stops sex trafficking.

You got that part, right?

(Should I say it again?)