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Intuitive (Emergen[t/cy]) Response

Intuitive (Emergen[t/cy]) Response

Emergencies can become emergent solutions, new emergence -- and Intuitive responsiveness.

Thank you for listening, friends. These are the best rewards we have found; the best work — and the only work for so many.

Intuitive Public Intersections is still here, and I’ve found it:

Song snippet — “What’s the quickest way to freedom and love? How do I rise above? (Say he-e-ey!…)” (If you know this song, comment below and tell me so. We enjoy song games!)

"Good morning," she whispers to the garden. • 16 January 2021, 07:31:26am • artpeace by Megan Elizabeth Morris of • more information, support, & meditative arts can be found at this link: