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Intuitive Response 3

Intuitive Response 3

The Interconnected Collective (20 August 2023)

 Network conversations have been very active around our awareness of the cosmic self; in being our own adversary, in writing our own story from different levels of consciousness or non-consciousness.

What did we come to this planet to accomplish?

What is it we have forgotten about the plan we chose to implement?

This is something that we can discuss from a certain perspective when we are not experiencing immediate physical emergency and violence.

But when we are experiencing immediate physical, emergency and violence, all this requires a special level of awareness and comprehension…

…for the mind to be wakeful…

…for the body to be relaxed as much as possible...

…at the same time as being very attuned in awareness…

…ready for alertness as is needed…

…and from that place of relaxed attention, to be able to take action very swiftly when the indication of necessary action is received.

We benefit from a quiet mind where we do not let fear overtake us.

Our ability to engage this modality does depend on what forms of physical emergency or physical violence we are experiencing.

There is the experience of being actively pummeled, being directly physically harmed in various ways that can occur; and there is the experience of the body recognizing a potential oncoming physical harm that must at all costs be avoided.

The more we practice such states of mind and body where it is more possible for us to practice… the more we have access to those states when it becomes more difficult to practice.

From any state we find ourselves in, we must continue to practice.

Considering the events of the world we find ourselves in, this must be an ongoing conversation — because to dissociate from it dissociates us from the living body of the collective of living beings we are part of.

Dissociating in such a way can bring unexpected, unanticipated, unprepared-for violence to us, to our loved ones.

If we then dissociate from what is happening — for ourselves, for those we care about — we isolate ourselves from the collective body. Our experience of being alive is significantly compromised by making decisions to let that body go.

Maybe for some this is their path. But we find this path to be deficient in nutrients.

We see the loss of joyfulness; we see the loss of relational resonance.

And still, maybe that is the thing for some.

But that relational resonance is something that we don't want to miss.

We have learned lessons in what it means to miss that relational resonance; to dissociate from it; to reject it; to disrespect it; to disregard it… it severs something in the synapses.

It severs something in the sacredness of connection; for many of us, simply doesn't make sense; and yet many don't know another way to comport themselves in circumstances of ongoing, increasing, intensive physical emergency and violence.

But we learn a lot from our practice.

We begin to notice, more easily, options we couldn't remember previously — because we hadn't practiced recognizing them enough to be able to access that neurology in the midst of such stress.

When our loved ones are experiencing such undeniable intensity, and we want to know how to help one another... sometimes there is nothing practical we can do but pray, and send communications that tell them we are with them, we are visualizing safety and protection and success for them.

Sometimes we can get communications through and sometimes we can't.

There is a sense with, for instance… white light expanding… that this is not only a facet of our imaginations; that we are part of the physiology of the world body... and that we instruct this physiology in ways we are still all learning.

When we breathe and attune with the sacred... which connects us from heart to heart, from cell to cell, all across the universe... we can breathe the whole body, all of us together.

And we can see with the eye of the heart... a shift in the violence that changes material reality... and creates and effects an easing in the physical violence, an easing in the state of emergency.

The more we practice, the more this is emergent:

Our Intuitive response.

Not only about public media toolsets — although that also is important, especially considering you are receiving my voice by way of this broadcast.

Our Intuitive response, as we practice, can be the collective activation of our awareness…

…that we are all inherently connected to and influential in the movements of material and energy all through the world body.

Knowing this gives us power in it. Not as isolated individuals, but as cells in the greater structure, knowing we are all connected. Knowing that the breath of my individual body matters to the breath in your individual body.

The resonance that produces my voice in this recording… finds the resonance in your physical body… as you hear me speaking.

We have been dissuaded from recognizing our powers as an interconnected collective.

We have been misled and misdirected. But we can true our direction.

We can connect what has been disconnected.

When we do this with faith… love… peace… respect… and the freedom that we feel when this practice frees us…

…all reality shifts to aid us.

Aligned with our intention to anchor miracle occurrences for one another…

…physical safety; relief from intensity; an ease of suffering…

…profound protection…

…and the flow of energies that activate unforeseen capacities to meet challenges we never imagined having to meet.

This is my prayer for you and for all of us.

Thank you for joining me in it.