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Mack's Memo • Intuitive Public Radio is your wild & wondrous concierge introduction to the Intuitive Network — public media by-and-for our worldwide collective of Intuitive Invisibles. These brave survivors of severe disability, human trafficking, & related forms of invisible violence have stories to tell that you haven’t heard yet. Come closer; learn with us. Share this post & our substack with your loved ones, friends, & colleagues to increase resilience & resourcing for every body. Gratitude. Blessings.


A single bitter dock leaf growing from the lawn gardens around our owlroost in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Photo by Max Megan Elizabeth Morris (25 July 2023).

Audio recorded by Max Megan Elizabeth Morris on 14 August 2023; episode 183.

 We have been watching together the consequences of the misuse and abuse of wealth on a massive global scale.

It brings us to questions about how we each use our wealth, and in our families and communities, how we use our wealth collectively… 

…how we honor the wealth of the land, She who gives so generously to all of us…

…how we tend and respect the wealth of our living bodies, and communities of living bodies… ecologies of life energy…

…how we recognize the essence of vitality in us: our life force.

How do we ensure we are freeing it up? …Never allowing it to be predatorily restricted, never allowing it to be imprisoned or commoditized, to be used in some way we might not even be aware of at the time. All that is off the table.

Our groups coordinating for a project platform entitled Intuitive Wealth ask these questions on a regular basis — for we have had the extreme privilege of going spelunking in a very different form of economics.

Our groups of Intuitive Economic have been cataloging the very different currencies… monetary and non-monetary… that we are all working with. 

How do we balance our pocketbooks? How do we balance our energy manifests, our resonating relationships? How do we flow with and for and to one another?

In the midst of these -- to many -- strange new economics, how are we growing roots and structures that stabilize resources across generations? 

How do we build the Intuitive Wealth we have been graced with? 

How do we honor what we've been given and what we have as gifts for one another because of our aliveness, our creativity, and our natural interpersonal cognition and prowess capacitation?

It is some pretty gnarly and violent influences that have worked for many, many, many years — decades and centuries at least — to condition all of us to believe that wealth is a particular thing.

And as we know, the world has been turned upon its head.

Much of what we learned as kids or in our adult lives has been shown to have been reversed in very strange, inside-out, confusing, upsetting, traumatizing ways.

And these questions beg more questions. 

Where do we put our money? 

What does one do with a control methodology such as that which has been made of monetary currency? 

Do you let it control you?

Do you capitulate to the whims of marketers extracting from you, extracting from your families and communities? 

Do you let them run those trafficking pathways through all your projects and processes?... "because that's just the way that it always has been; there's nothing we can do about it"...?

Well, I've got news for you.

The bravest people in the world are doing this somewhat differently. 

Our investments in Intuitive Infrastructure came about because we came face to face, belly to belly, with a monstrosity hidden in all of the spaces in all our communities… that we had no idea had been embedded… cell by cell, organ by organ… multi-generationally, in all our families… through the trauma that populations have been targeted with through psychosocial engineering… that has gradually (or swiftly) changed our perceptions of the meanings of our communications, our words, our languaging, our symbology.

We suddenly recognized… and then again (and then again, and then again)… that if we did not change the game we were playing, we would be dead again (and again, and again).

Fighting for the lives of our loved ones on these front lines has taught us what economics is — and how wealth must be rooted in relational integrity and collaborative fluency in order to be true and real in any way.

Our interconnections… our interstitia… the pathways traveling between each of us (all of us) from one to another… many, many, many of them all the time… as if the seemingly empty space, the empty air between you and everyone else… is full with skeins of physiology through which travel oxygen and nutrients and electric impulses… the stuff of psychic activations and shared dream experiences.

We are a body, all of us together. 

The wealth of the collective body is wealth we must continuously be tending, to honor the resourcing inherent in the living body. 

Everything around you is part of your dream experience in the living waking physical world we all find ourselves in.

As if on cue, wafts through the open window… the smell of gasoline.

Someone's opened up something or spilled something; perhaps a heavy vehicle is leaking, dripping something.

It comes across the hedge of the edge of our garden permaculturing…

…and drifts into my workroom, poisoning the previously crisp and gorgeous air quality… and also my brain.

And you, if you are present — whether or not you notice — your brain is also dealing with this poisoning in some way. 

Our bodies all must process the exposures and influences we encounter in our environments; because all of us are here together, part of the same body.

The responsibility of tending this collective body comes to all of us.

Even if previously we did not understand it, even if we had been taught that we could proceed without accounting for it… we all get to a point where we are experiencing what others have been experiencing. Especially when we have been acculturated to dissociate from it.

Those experiences that come to us can be brutal… life-destroying… and even invisibly violent.

Here is another window on the other side of the house… through which fresh air still drifts. 

Why is that? 

It is because of wealth — but perhaps not the wealth you were originally taught about. 

A form of wealth your child self may recognize most profoundly… as when I would meander through these forest environments where, when I was very small, my extended family would gather to go camping and canoeing.

I would pick my way down stream beds, peering into little beach alcoves where trees presided.

I would sense spirits and fairies and unicorns in these spaces — and they were real to me — until my growing body encountered increasing poisons in all the environments around my family.

I experienced over decades into my adulthood, into my career life, and then into terrible collective adversity… how influences of poisoning and the misuse of monetary currency affected all our communities, caused enormous uncountable disaster events in everyone's individual lives and in the lives of their families.

I watched as disablement… and then severe disablement… descended upon my loved ones. Family members that I had dwelt in the woods with, or shared canoes with; people who had shared food with me or made sure that I and other kids were safe in the midst of all our families, in the midst of the community… 

I watched all these people be taken down and all their resourcing be co-opted by the predatory corporate interests that had determined that the use of monetary currency was to pool what is called "wealth" in a way that extracts it from living beings — to then, in fact, poison the holders of that so-called wealth…

…because the energy, the resources, the vitality of that currency is no longer flowing freely through ecological systems, through communities of living beings. 

You, dear listener, I think, are well aware of how the people we have been taught to think of as wealthy are being poisoned by the pooling of these resources in artificial ways, in ways that cut them off from the living body of their families and communities. 

Even where wealth is being consolidated generationally in a particular family, the families who experience this tend to be experiencing resource poisoning of a different sort than those in poverty.

When industries are putting toxins into all of these environments, there is one form of resource poisoning.  

And what happens to you if you have too many resources all in one place? 

If you have so much money you don't know what to do with it — that others continuously take advantage of you and extract from you — so that you can barely track it?

Those who find a way to most honorably employ the resources they have access to are few and far between… because all our environments everywhere have been co-opted by the influences of human trafficking.

Here now on the other side of the house where I am sitting with this next window open wide…

…I know that the clear air has been cleared by the green living beings that are filtering that air.

The rain came through and cleared a lot. 

And it will have to do so again, in the case of the floating airborne plume of gasoline particles; likewise the laundry toxins, neuroendocrine disruptors that drift through the neighborhood because marketers have made some money off convincing people to buy products that would contribute to community poisoning.

But we, all of us together, have a way of taking our cues from forest environments and loving rainstorms.

We can clear toxicities from our environments.

We can resonate from our hearts.

We can grow faithfully, knowing that our bodies can produce the antidotes to certain kinds of poisoning and the psychosocial engineering that has distorted and malnourished the strengthening components of the living world that otherwise fortify our bodies. 

Our awareness of all of this together constitutes the electric impulses of our repairing relational neurology…

…where we are thinking and knowing and dreaming and growing together, rooting deeply our Intuitive Wealth and healing our uses of monetary and non-monetary currency…

…so that we are clearing the way for the generations in front of us to have very different experiences…

…to meet new challenges…

…to grow strength in expanding what is most true and core to each and all of us… honoring the life energy… recognizing one another… building relational integrity… discovering what capacities emerge from our increasing collaborative fluency… 

…knowing one another, being with one another… 

…practicing the Intuitive network toolsets that eliminate human trafficking influences from all our spaces.

As we teach you to build this living infrastructure, your opportunity to join those who have invested in it… on the front lines of this worthy apocalypse… grow numerous. 

And you find yourself experiencing a form of choicefulness you may not have had contact with since you were a little kid — and for many people, maybe not even then.

Let us grow green and living, like the most fabulous of food forests — tending and nourishing and strengthening one another in the physiology of our ecology together.

We can clear what must be cleared. 

There's no need to further misuse our resources when we bring them here and practice this.

I am delighted to invite you to join us. 

You will notice the Intuitive Fund Builders option at

I urge you to take advantage of it. 

We will arrange for you special access to the materials and project work that is most beneficial for your needs, for the needs of your family, your business, your community — all of this organized by the most severely affected, severely disabled and invisible survivors of human trafficking violence…

…who you perhaps never actually knew about, because they were hidden, embedded, imprisoned in all your environments… 

…until this infrastructure grew wise enough and capacious enough to connect us so that we could then successfully communicate with you.

It is amazing what these Intuitive Invisibles do.

And it is amazing what you are about to do with the choices you make — and the nourishment you exude from being most true to yourself and your collective living body — in wholeness, in resonance, in relationship with all the living beings and the sacred world around you.

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Special thanks to Kim Barra whose care notation support helped us publish this peace.