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Joy, humor, life energy; & this emergent Spring

Joy, humor, life energy; & this emergent Spring

A very early morning recording from Mack's most pertinent private processes, imprinted 22 February 2023 in the wee pre-dawn unfoldings of 05:28:16 am
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Recorded 22 February 2023, 05:28 am.

Yesterday was very intense... deep, powerful energy.

There are some words we say over and over again these days.

Profound emotional release; recognition of energies is coming to our aid.

Oh, the sacred ground, and all that is holy.

What is most bright?

What is the Conscious Christ... lives deeply in our bodies.

We feel this with increasing strength. We are nourished by it... and also... the seriousness of these situations is heavy. It is big.

We have been encountering, repeatedly, each new recognition of the bigness of it -- of the world-sized-ness of it. These energies, changing everything.

Our loved ones are beset by strange, seeming-inexplicable illness... overwhelmed by physical violence and compounded injuries.

The interlopers have co-opted our joyfulness.

The sexual vitality of our families and communities -- the life energy inherent to all of us -- has been targeted with (what other word can I use?) perversions that have twisted it, that have made it unholy.

...Or at least seemed to influence it in these ways.

But the life energy... what makes us ourselves... our sacred living sovereignty... it is unpervertible, I think, if only we know it to be.

And we are always so watchful now... for the ways that problematic influences would pretend to be something good and loving and healthy...

"We are your friends! We are here to help you...," they might say, in voices syrupy with something... Extracting information, selling and reselling and commoditizing data from all our circumstances, all our illnesses and injuries... Selling and reselling, in fact, our very bodies (!) in ways that many people have not yet copped to... though many are becoming more aware of as time travels forward.

We are increasingly recognizing the ways certain influences have been taking advantage of our vulnerabilities.

We must reclaim who we are and what we are made of: what it is that we regenerate.

We must recognize our core essence...

Brighten and strengthen and revitalize our resonance...

...And image ourselves as we know ourselves to be most deeply, most inherently.

Where is the nourishment, joy, and laughter that is real and true in a loving community?

What is that?

The interlopers, they can't have it.

They only co-opt it because they can't have it, not in the way they've tried to take it.

They too can change. They too can find relief somewhere, in some way.

Our job is to anchor what most effectively heals our bodies.

Where is that joy?

Where is that humor already emerging?

It feels so foreign to me. I have spent so long on the front lines of this strange, invisible wartime.

If you are listening to this audio recording, there's a good chance you are feeling likewise.

What do we do in this unfolding time?

Where do we find the greatest trueness of ourselves? ...of our energy within and for one another?

What is our interconnectivity?

How are we inherently revitalized?

There is joy hidden in the midst of all this suffering.

It is not a flimsy or casual thing. It is a very serious subject.

How can we treat with that without blaspheming it?

How can we engage such feelings without doing dishonor to our friends and neighbors?

There are so many tears. There is so much weeping.

There is crying out for relief.

There is begging for cessation of the violence we've been experiencing.

Please, food.

Please, clothing.

Please, shelter.

Please, care for these worthy bodies -- light and hope to these souls who have endured what has been experienced as struggles-unending for great stretches of timelessness.

All deserve release.

Together, we have the means to find that release.

How is the prison opened?

How is the heart center brought space and care?

We know this solution. It lives in us.

It has never left -- even though we may have gone eons without being able to recognize it.

We now are ancient.

Let us draw on the knowledge of the ages.

How does life energy resurrect?

How comes the Spring to the darkest Winter we have ever had?

How does the sprig sprout from the cold hard ground?

You and I are sprouting.

What will bloom from our endeavoring?

What fruits come from these trials we have all been weathering?

Whether or not we believe it yet, it's coming.

Let's lean into it.

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