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Lainie Liberti on the Starfire Codes Podcast

Lainie Liberti on the Starfire Codes Podcast

Baby neurons, child states, and neurological repair for every body

Max here. As per usual!

One of the things I love about Lainie Liberti's work is that it maps beautifully onto what is required for the recovery and neurological repair of people of all ages who have experienced neurological violence.

Neurological damage and traumatic brain injury result in parts of the brain being set back to a baby or child state; maybe not the whole brain, in many cases, but parts of the brain's processing that even as an adult may now have to start from scratch and learn again how to make more complex and resilient adult discernments.

When this happens, the way that person's environment "parents" them means everything about whether or not they can get through it to restore their life and livelihood.

The way Lainie describes partnership parenting, worldschooling, and child-rearing altogether are ESSENTIAL comprehension for ANYONE working to recover from brain injury, AND for their loved ones & community members to practice in order to provide effective support.

When I say brain injury or neurological injury, I'm referring to situations of blunt head trauma, yes; and also crucially, injuries from poisoning and other forms of trauma the brain experiences.

For all those with brain and neurological injuries out there who have been told they would never recover fully (or at all)... really, we have felt that it's work like Lainie's, particularly, that is usually missing from the equation.

Considering how widespread and unrealized neurological injury is across populations, EVERYBODY should be reading Lainie's work and supporting her.

Important to note -- Lainie's modalities are also imperative for stopping and preventing human trafficking, which heavily relies upon causing neurological injuries that are invisible, unrecognized, mischaracterized, or that no one believes can be recovered from.

Here's Lainie's conversation with Demi Pietchell at & --

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Great pleasure to have watched this and part 2 in the last few days.

Thank you, ladies.