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Lightness of heart, healing comedy, real life brutality, & human trafficking

Lightness of heart, healing comedy, real life brutality, & human trafficking

Once more these sensitive pre-dawn communications, 06:01:38 am on 22 February 2023. It's been a few days -- are we still feeling it? (Wow. Are we ever.)

Recorded at 06:01:38 am on 22 February 2023.

We've been reluctant to have these conversations.

We have needed them... and we have not known how to engage with them without disrespecting what all of us have been experiencing.

How can I be light of heart when my family and my friends, my colleagues, are being poisoned?

How do we survive if we don't achieve the answer to that question? It's a question.

We are the solution.

I have no doubt of that when I say it.

I know that it's true in my cells.

It vibrates on a frequency that is unmistakeable.

We are the solution.

And the pain... the cracking... the breaking... the tearing apart of bodies... the crushing...

It is extreme.

We cannot pull our punches describing it.

You have to know what we mean.

Others are able to be more plain.

I have trouble, at times, being explicit about the details... because the details are explicit.

Your imagination may run wild. It would not be off-base, necessarily, although many who are listening will not have any clue how serious this is.

You have perhaps been exposed to sensationalist renderings of situations like these... but very different from what we're actually experiencing.

And yet the details are... brutal. Gruesome.

And now... are we going to make jokes about it?

We have two comedy platforms we have developed extensively over the years, only recently brought back into public sharing -- so there's not much there where others can find it immediately.

But in our private archives, in the private network knowledgebase, there's a lot of work that's been done -- on a platform called Intuitive Public Colon, and a platform called Intuitive Public Scream (..."haha, funny"...) on the subjects of colonialism, certainly, and also on subjects of what must be screamed in order to release the most terrible compacted of energies.

...It's like I'm making jokes about the same thing.

Our platform Intuitive Emergent has also been a locus of comedic energy when needed, but all have experienced problems.

Most recently, a friend of ours... who makes jokes that others do not necessarily appreciate or understand in any way... was taken violently into custody... and harmed, and harmed, and harmed, and harmed.

And then, my understanding is, he has been released.

Which I am glad for -- but that does not change the physical trauma and the reality of the damage done to his body.

Bodies must find their rebalancing through something like humor.

Bodies must find their rebalancing through something light of heart.

But I -- every day -- am in contact with -- often intimately -- the profound suffering of the members of my community.

And who else knows about it?

Who else talks about it?

The Intuitive network.

It's us. We talk about it.

Almost all others don't even know about it.

It is apparently our job to make others aware... at the same time as we must find the lightness of heart that allows our bodies to recover from these circumstances.



We talk about offendedness, and how it's a trick.

There's this really interesting book called The Bait of Satan. (Am I right about that? I think so.)

Offendedness is a trick. The waste of energy in taking offense is a trick; and so many of us are so often tricked by this out of pressure, out of fearfulness.

Whence the solutions, when we are the solutions?

How do we become manifest in resolving the challenges presented to us?

How are we angels to one another?

How do we arrive each moment in good spirit?

Oh Great Spirit who strengthens and nourishes us.

Oh praise to the Most High.

Oh praise to the Deepest nutrients of the Universe.

You carry us. Together, we make owl -- all -- Owl -- hmm, Owl! -- all our bodies, we co-create.

Blessings, Owl energy, showing up in my verbal stumbling.

We have had a lot of Owl lessons in recent days and today is 1 Tz'ikin Men Eagle Birds, 13 days of beautiful birds, owls very much included.

Oh energies that have brought us such tremendous blessings...

...where do we find these solutions of our bodies?

First, we must believe...

...and feel the light inside us always working...



...imaging the reality we are becoming, we are bringing into being.

We are it.

It is you and me.

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