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Meet Tilo — and Gatunia El Respiro.

Meet Tilo — and Gatunia El Respiro.

5 July, Volume 2023 • Chicchan 4 Lamat,

The Intuitive Invisible network groups of our Radio Pública Intuitiva have collaborated for a number of years with a special cat sanctuary in the south of Tenerife, Spain. 

These cats, contending with environmental contaminants and physical violence, have no where else to go for safety — but here they receive love, attention, safe food and water, natural recovery support, medical assistance where needed, and a chance to live full, healthy lives in a caring environment. 

The cats of Gatunia El Respiro also help the healing of others in ways that only they can. (Cat collaborations, of course, are some of the very best collaborations.)

Our network has benefited profoundly from our partnership with this Tenerife sanctuary — and now our friends at the cat sanctuary need our help. 

Will you take a look at the bulletin we’ve included below… and hold loving intentions for our success? We are so grateful for your energetic assistance.

Meet Tilo

Our friend Tilo is a healing cat. 

Tilo is unique. He is vital support staff at Gatunia cat sanctuary in El Respiro, Canarias.

He has been with us for 5 years providing love, care, and affection — and has shared his magic with our community in deeply meaningful ways.

Right now, Tilo is experiencing severe renal failure. It is an especially scary, challenging and delicate time. We are working with the vet to help his body get better and heal.

In recent months, Gatunia's vehicle has become inaccessible. We are very grateful that a local contact is helping to get Tilo to the vet. 

We know, however, that more immediate mobility is necessary — not only for Tilo’s visits to the vet, but also to access the resources Gatunia requires for care of Tilo and the other cats and humans at El Respiro.

We want Tilo to overcome this and live a long and good life! He has so much to give to others. He deserves all our care and support.

We feel strongly we must bring our energy to him in gratitude for the important work he has done in our community. 

We hold a great intention to all make it through this together.

We are sharing powerful prayers in the network for Tilo’s stabilization and recovery. We know that shared intention in caring community makes miracles happen.

Your prayers are powerful, too.

Would you help us heal this brave and loving cat colleague who has given his energy to care for others? 

Tilo will sense your energy of support from wherever you are. 

Care like this from the collective body can make all the difference in the world.

Please pray with us for Tilo's strength and life force to overcome these challenges so that he can continue here with us in his healing capacity at Gatunia.

If you would like to support the work of Gatunia and El Respiro in any other way, please write to

Your energy, prayers, and care are so appreciated.

With infinite gratitude,

El Respiro
The Intuitive Invisibles 
& this Intuitive Public Network

PS. For more photos of Tilo gato, check out our page at Intuitive community sanctuary for Gatunia El Respiro and Tilo’s story. We’ve also shared the email we sent to our original Intuitive newsletters on that page.

PPS. You can join the original Intuitive list here — subscribe in the top left corner.

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