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Narrative Editorial • Upmarket Magazine

Narrative Editorial • Upmarket Magazine

A decade in the making, and a new wholeness for a beloved publishing project.

For a decade now, Upmarket Magazine has been part of the Intuitive network — first, integrated with Ideaschema Intuitive, then folded into our projects being developed for Intuitive Community and Intuitive Public Radio.

But Upmarket Magazine has an important history before that time — one we have endeavored to repair in our verbal neurology so that we could share it more clearly and succinctly with public platforms.

Members of our Intuitive Invisible survivors’ groups have been developing Upmarket since 2013 (and from Megan’s standpoint since 2011, from hardship circumstances she understood in a very limited way during her work with Squidoo).

Initially Upmarket was published to its previous platform with Squidoo Magazines, then to a dedicated server as the following piece describes.

As increasing violence occurred across individual lives, careers, families, and communities, the work transitioned to Ideaschema and to our Intuitive network private platforms.

While we’ve sometimes published Upmarket-branded materials publicly over the course of this past decade, the infrastructure-in-flux was not supported enough to create a new consistent public website until now in September 2023.

Megan — who we here know as Mack or Max — had her initial personal encounters with homelessness in 2016.

Since that time, we have been expanding Upmarket in earnest with collaborators in circumstances of extreme adversity, compounded physical injury, and severe disablement who have brought especially powerful, nutritive perspectives to this work.

A blessing in the midst of trauma, Intuitive Invisible survivors’ groups have deepened and redefined our original intent for Upmarket many times over.

We are grateful for these lessons, because we see what terrible mistakes are made in business and economic landscapes without them.

Before Autumn 2012, Upmarket Magazine had a very similar mission… though missing a number of crucial reference points… and was part of a different platform.

Where it came from originally and how it evolved to its current form in the present day is an important part of the greater story of our experiences with it.

Even considering the challenging times at hand, we feel it’s important to tell that story in fullness, with care and honorable compass.

The narrative of it matters for all of us.

The following article was written by Max as part of our private Intuitive Market development in Intuitive Invisibles’ workgroups, re-edited from existing notes she had built over the years and then completed subsequent to the curiously activating events of 8 September 2023.

It was published at the new Substack platform for Upmarket Magazine on 12 September 2023, a tremendous achievement considering the continuing violence and severe disablement Max and all of us have been navigating.

Recognizing the predatory business methods in play everywhere one looks — the domain name and server snapshot intrigues we will relay to you in the near future… the strange and disturbing occurrences in Megan’s business communities in the years leading up to (and following on) 2016… and the overt cooptation that inclines groups or individuals to block and exclude survivors of neurological injury and severe disablement from the community connectivity that is fundamentally necessary to repair their injuries — we are organizing ourselves for this conversation in some especially mindful ways.

You will forgive us for name-hopping somewhat, as Megan died in 2016 and many times thereafter; then Max (or Mack) became her nom-de-plume in the communities of survivors who appropriately recognized Megan’s death.

We can’t help but notice… to call it her nom-de-guerre would not be incorrect.

But we are coming into a time of greater peace, now, for all who are tired of war-time.

Please take a moment to support us by subscribing to Upmarket Magazine on Substack. We’re working hard to bring its next elements online.

As we build the new platform, we’ll be syndicating content there from diverse Intuitive group platforms and from new contributors and columnists we may yet discover. (If you’re interested, here’s how to get involved.)

Learn more about our new approach to Upmarket content in this re-introduction — Megan’s welcoming all to her Narrative Editorial column — in the piece published at Upmarket Magazine 12 September 2023, below.

Welcome to this Narrative Editorial

Upmarket Magazine is coming back online -- and you're part of the story.

Upmarket Magazine website circa 2014. Credit to the Squidoo Magazines team for beautiful logo work. Photo by Megan Elizabeth Morris (12 September 2023).

You might remember me. My name is Megan Elizabeth Morris.

In 2011 and 2012, I worked with Seth Godin and his team at Squidoo to launch Upmarket Magazine as part of the Squidoo Magazines project.

I began as Chief of Talent — raising excitement and meaningful dialogue to build community engagement and gather activated contributors to our platforms.

I learned enormously from working with Seth and his team at Squidoo. The atmosphere was alive and caring, very unlike business environments I had encountered elsewhere.

Creative, relational flows were valued inherently.

I felt connected to the people I worked with; I felt respected and cared-for.

Squidoo’s magazines line-up included a list of fun, creative, lifestyle-oriented and seasonal publications, all of which I enjoyed working with during my time with them.

At the same time, for me, Upmarket was a special case.

Seth — who called me MEM — had set the spark and tone for Upmarket while we brainstormed our favorite new publication ideas.

In our first notes about the project at Squidoo Magazines, we discussed deluxe, remarkable experiences and products… artists, designers, and others who help create them… how and why a company might produce such offerings… the cost of doing so — high-dollar or otherwise — and how new companies (and bootstrappers!) could get into the game.

As I developed my approach to inviting in more collaborators, my sense of this territory deepened considerably. I moved into a Managing Editor role with Upmarket and turned my focus to it full-time.

I brought in the most moving ideas and expressions I found in my business communities.

I met new collaborators, discovered strengthening relationships, ushered nutritive dialogue into internet spaces, and built bridges between projects.

I had been studying Seth’s public blogs, books, and projects for several years by the time he hired me at Squidoo.

I had been drawn to volunteering in his Triiibes community because of his focus on human business; he often talked about the value of an artful approach, the importance of community and of interpersonal relationship, the creative drive, and the power of sharing our uniqueness with the world.

Further, he demonstrated that people with diverse experiences and modalities could work well together and learn from one another.

All these tenets had been essential to my small business and marketing learning curves over the years before I discovered him; and then here he was, putting them into practice — at scale.

Early on, Seth was really the only person I found to be truly successful in connecting these relational vibrations to nourish the otherwise bland, mundane business landscape that had so put me off.

I was unconvinced that the regular business world on its own had much to offer me, but Seth was already building that bridge beautifully.

And later, as I continued to build out our plans for Upmarket, I realized our critical opportunity to raise a collective voice about how important relational business is to all of us.

The only real way to offer deluxe products and services — superior quality, elegantly-crafted, long-lived, sustainable, Earth-honoring products and services — is to bring in personal, artful, connective values, too.

This is how superior quality is achieved — a promise kept.

Remarkable, creative, meaningful, human-resonant businesses are able to create the truest experiences.

Our livelihoods — the resource-regenerating projects we build — must be rooted in relationship with one another.

Relationships are where kept promises begin.

Considering this crucial requirement for successful business endeavors, Upmarket Magazine came to focus most on small (and micro!) businesses that push the envelope, the people who run them, and where to find the guts and insight to build them.

Although ultimately Squidoo Magazines went in a different direction out of necessity, our original development of Upmarket was powerful and profoundly meaningful for me and for the contributors I was working with.

When it was time to say farewell, I didn’t want to see the magazine closed down.

Far more than just a paycheck, I felt the potential then for Upmarket Magazine to fundamentally change the way business and marketing are practiced.

In Autumn 2012 when I departed Squidoo, Seth graciously allowed me to take Upmarket Magazine with me to continue building this work on my dedicated servers as Editor-in-Chief.

His team helped us make the transition — and Upmarket Magazine kept publishing.

My experience of the platform expanded further as I and my collaborators continued building the website and our plan forward.

Then in 2013, a series of significant events began to occur — events that radically changed the trajectory of our work and the future of the magazine.

Today in 2023, I am integrating diverse experiences from many years of adventuring away from the usual business platforms and digital marketing environments.

We’ve been navigating a wilderness; one you may not have heard about.

The story of what occurred and how it changed us is the most amazing story we’ve ever encountered. And more than having only witnessed it — we’ve experienced it.

It’s been twelve years since Seth hired me to work at Squidoo Magazines, and a whole decade since those (unanticipatable!) events of 2013.

We’ve been broadening Upmarket Magazine’s resource materials, sometimes with public access but mostly in the private Intuitive network, while traveling the wilderness of this past decade.

We knew that there would be a future moment to unfold our work more consistently again into public spaces. We didn’t know when it would happen — and then suddenly, it was here.

Divine timing appears to encourage us now to share this story.

We are grateful to those of you who have supported us along the way.

We’re wondering, too… what you have experienced in this past decade.

The comments here are open. We’d love to hear what you have to say.

With love,

Megan Elizabeth Morris (MEM, Mack, Max)

Megan Elizabeth Morris (MEM, Mack, or Max) in her wilderness studio works room in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 2023 (in March, possibly). Photo by MEM.

PS. Until our domain name is fully up and running, here’s my personal email address. You can also send me a note on Telegram messenger at Feel free to reach out, share your thoughts, ask questions, and foment new collaborations. I’m interested to know you.

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