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Narrative Excerpt from Secret Book Release; Oh, Blessings to this Lioness Moon

Narrative Excerpt from Secret Book Release; Oh, Blessings to this Lioness Moon

Upcoming 1 March 2023 (Saint David's Day) •

This is a special publication.

You do not grub at an individual copy of this book with your hands, leaping after a digital or print release to own, ignore, or covet.

It is not a market ploy for theft of your hard-earned money, your sacred energy, or your time through artificial urgency.

This is an invitation, a journeying experience, a dream traveling, and a unique relational opportunity.

This book repairs neurology.

(Gosh, now -- something we all deerly need.)

When you invoke this journey, you step INto the book — into a collective body of the beings of the book — and when you have passed the solemn somatic and spiritual tests the book presents to you, you find yourself gradually blessed with a digital or hard copy you can hold in your worthy, honorable hands.

What kind of book could this be?

It is the body of a being for you to recognize, ground, and be embodied within.

It brings you the strength of your truest possible story.

It becomes a living reality.

This narrative is deepened in rootedness, wealth, and power flow activations.

Are you ready?

The Light Of The Lioness In Primal Connection With All Life Energy And The Cosmos • Iq' 1 Iq' - Iq' 5 Kame Cimi (Wind 5 Death Transformer) • 10-13 February 2023 •,

From our notes at

For this Intuitive Narrative, unfolding:

Oh, my darling 20230209-154151...

A recent concussion has reactivated our always-continuing conversations about traumatic brain injury and neurological disablement; specifically, my dramatic concussion of 23 January 2023, where I was nearly beaten to death by a mistake I wasn't able to track because of my prior severe poisoning, ongoing community violence, and long-compounded injury circumstances.

I found an unopened box of Celebration Herbals' skullcap tea pouches from some many months ago, so gratefully. It's a nervine herb, a plant that deeply restores the nervous system. It's also recommended for concussion recoveries.

I take another sip of tea.

I stir it with my little wooden spoon.

It's pretty tasty.

This skullcap takes me back to 13 Kame Cimi -- Skull, Death, Transformer. It was the 28th of July 2022, and the Leo new moon which brought a fresh inner, growing strength to our fire and wakening.

We knew something was going on that day.

We didn't know where it would take us.

But we decided we were up to the challenge.

Whatever it turned out to be, we were committed to being present, potent, honorable, and ready.

I sip the skullcap and I feel more relaxed... a little sleepy.

On the 3rd of April 2022, I had attended a Potentiation ceremony with the Phoenix Center for Regenetics -- remotely, while sleeping, from my bed, out like a lit living light, and dream traveling.

By this Leo new moon of which we speak, I was on my hundred-and-sixteenth day of Potentiation, the 17th 7-day portion of a total 42.

28 July 2022 was the fifth day of that seven.

What happened 28 July 2022, 13 Transformer?

This new Lioness moon illumined a fire. She began to breathe a fresh life into us... not only for me, but for my expansive network of... mostly hidden... communities.

The next day, 29 July, I was flowing out our new (secret, sacred, ancient) multi-media publication.

This 29 July 2022 was called Deer.

Deer among others has been a sacred day for us in the Mayan Tzolkin, or Chol Q’ij.

The Tzolkin is a 260-day almanac of energies with visual glyphs (nahuals or nawales) and numbers, which we follow by learning from knowledgeable daykeepers and increasingly... as we have all repaired our neurology through these calen-daring activities... doing more emergent daykeeping ourselves.

In the Deer trecena following, I was counting these days.

When we add more names to the nawales' names we have learned from our most respected daykeepers in their original languages, we are expanding creatively, remembering what we have been taught about their many meanings and energies.

All mistakes made in the daykeeping I share are mine, or ours... though we do take particular significance from and practice honoring the meaningfulness of our mistakes.

In communities cut off from communications and relational contact, we become our own beings; eventually, we may find out that we have diverged from others' more rooted or common understandings.

That in itself can be a tremendous blessing.

29 July 2022 - 10 August 2022…

Ke'j 1 Ke'j Manik Deer Sacred Leadership
Ke'j 2 Lamat Star Ripening Garden Rabbit
Ke'j 3 To'j Muluc Water Fire Owed & Offering
Ke'j 4 T'zi Oc Dog Bravery Loyalty Striving
Ke'j 5 Batz Chuen Monkey Weaver Priestess
K'ej 6 E' Eb Long Good Road Human Grass
K'ej 7 Aj Ben Reed Skywalker Spacejumper
K'ej 8 Ix Jaguar Earth Mother Goddess Honoring
K'ej 9 Tz'ikin Men Eagle Birds Farsight Generosity Abundance
K'ej 10 Ajmak Cib' Owl Vulture Warrior Forgiveness Honey
K'ej 11 No'j Caban Earthmover Masculine Material Intelligence & Earthmother
K'ej 12 Tijax Etznab Obsidian Mirror Reflective Blade & Healing Discernments
K'ej 13 Kawok Cauac Storm Rainstorm Songstorm Cleansing Gentle Torrents

What did you experience on these days, in 2022?

Do you remember?

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