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New Moon Scorpio; Mars Cazimi • Language Bridges & Abundance

New Moon Scorpio; Mars Cazimi • Language Bridges & Abundance

Lunar Samhain & the Mayan Tzolk'in with Star Clock, Star Connective

Early this morning, the new moon in Scorpio heralded Lunar Samhain, also called the Witches' New Year.

In my awareness and experience, there are many kinds of witches, not only of a single spelling either; a broad metaphysical territory where a lot goes on and discernments are necessary.

I deeply appreciate nature-honoring spiritualities and practices that connect us with our world bodies as well as our non physical bodies... our individual human bodies... our ecosystem bodies, made up of so many different living beings... our cosmic bodies, compartments moving through the universe, resonating all the material and all the space between.

Because of my position at the intersection of many goings-on and documentations in the Intuitive network, many facets of experience and perception, I must have a strong practice of awareness that these friends and colleagues may feel uncomfortable with a particular conversation that may be utterly necessary to the safety of these other friends and colleagues; and it is not so simple as a binary.

When we delve into metaphysical subjects, we are courting some manner of uncertainty because of the many and varied languages spoken by members of our networked communities.

Witchery is certainly a set of distributed conversations that can sometimes be very challenging, just as many other topics can be especially challenging, because of where bad behavior has traumatized people who want to be safe and well and live their lives — but may speak very different languages than others. 

Part of what we are doing in the Intuitive network is being sure to record, to document, our experiences of where perpetrator networks have been active because this is a means of preventing violence.

With all this considered, my ways of navigating the words I use is still really evolving. 

We must be able to express what we're processing.

We don't always have the capacity to speak what we must speak in a very specific language. 

Sometimes, the language we must speak is the language that has grown in our neurology. 

And so to express it helps us to connect it with other forms of languaging we might employ; but that requires relational neurological recovery for many, many, many of my colleagues. 

And also for me.

When we bridge the languages of our experiencing, this expands our opportunities to co-create and collaboratively comprehend the world we're all in; the spaces we are sharing; the resonances we have in common; the insights we gain from noticing our differences.

This gives us wonderful ways of practicing patience and respect for those who are different.

When we broaden and deepen our language bridging together, we are able to think and feel in more intricate detail. 

We are able to make much better discernments than before, because our neurology grows subtlety.

Without this, we may look at a situation and have an overly simplistic impression of it that would not allow us to choose well in regards to it.

Many of us have had the experience of making mistakes because we did not fully enough understand what or whom we were engaging with. 

What has often, to many, felt like the necessary or only decision to cut off contact and run away... really has limited efficacy, limited application, because it can't solve all our problems — although it can seem to temporarily.

I personally practice language bridging that allows me to better understand any adversary; that someone with a very different life and a very different world may, in fact, have many similarities with me that I wouldn't understand from a snapshot of their communications or behavior; that I could only come to understand in respectful dialogue in a continuing relational context. 

If that relational context is missing, I cannot say that I know that person. I cannot say that I know or understand a particular thing if my contact is so limited.

This New Moon in Scorpio, we are in a time where the world is so deep, complex, and vast... we cannot know all manner of things.

What we choose to learn matters tremendously to how we're able to navigate our experiential complexities.

I have been processing a number of different fears and tensions in my body... at the same time as I recognize and experience how my communities are processing fears and tensions in the collective body.

Having found myself at the time of this new year, Lunar Samhain, it feels to me a perfect time to feel more of my own experiencing.

To feel how profoundly the well-being of my body... and of my collective bodies... matters to me.

To feel the importance of relationship in my world... especially considering all I've come through in order to be where I seem to be... today, November 13th, 2023.

In the Mayan Tzolk'in, I am taught, today is 5 Storm there is an activated cleansing associated with this day for the daykeepers I have studied.

And yesterday, 4 Obsidian, invoked reflectivity and cutting; discernments we find to be most necessary...

...stabilizing in the context of the Eagle trecena; farsight, abundance, generosity; in studies of Druidry, the bird of prey that flies high and fast — and then — may suddenly dive and plunge into the heart of a very still, peaceful lake... 

...where our experience of intensity and activity can in a moment become serenity and tranquility... that we can be nourished by these meditative qualities. 

That we can contemplate our experiencing from a very different perspective than we had moments previously.

I think of symbology that has been offered me about Obsidian and Storm, having to do with surgery and cleansing to facilitate healing.

I do notice that the cutting of necessary discernments allows us to wash away what is not needed, as we have been doing in the waning part of the moon cycle leading up to the New Moon in Scorpio of this early morning; knowing that we're traveling toward 6 Sun, which we count to begin later this evening... 7 Water Lily the following day... and 8 Wind, the breath of life, winds of change and communication, movement, comprehension.

I've heard that we are traveling towards the 17th November, a Mars cazimi where Mars conjoins the Sun and highlights the primacy of the physical body, our capacity for action, the realness and vividness of somatic presencing, the power of choice exercised in what we do and what we build; not inconsequentially, our sense of aggression, war, and violence; how a body can be most active, assertive, and yet be using one's strength to support respect and peacefulness. One's resilience; stamina; endurance applied directly to what best tends the needs of the community body in health and vitality, in regeneration of physical energy; of full attunement in the sacred vehicle that is the living body. 

9 Night, Dark House Before Dawning, is the birthday of a beloved colleague of mine.

That day, the 17th of November, is the day of the Mars cazimi, Mars conjoined with the Sun. 

I think of my friend's qualities in this context, because that is part of the space-scape of experiencing for me.

I think of the gentleness and kindness she brings into the world. I think of how powerfully she nourishes connectivity. 

I recognize this also as a set of qualities valuable in considering Mars energy, even though they're not necessarily what we hear most frequently. 

I often feel that no thing in the universe is only what it seems to be. 

All things are combinations of elements based on the relationships all around them. 

The way that we are has a lot to do with the conditions we're experiencing; with the communications that are necessary for thriving.

What forms of sacred action... and energy... and physicality... are highlighted by this cazimi? 

What is the vitality that we feel utmost resonance in activating?

How does the Eagle emerge from the depths of the lake that is so peaceful and tranquil, the meditative state?

How does she dry her feathers, and soar once more, very high, to see so far?

That Night-Dark House Before Dawning, with the number 9, that feminine energy, is a kind of seed-before-sprouting... full of potential, brimming over with possibility.

How our abundance unfolds from here has a lot to do with our choicefulness, our action as individuals and together.

There is a beautiful fire flowing in this water — a powerful life energy that our presencing anchors into the future we are becoming.

The Eagle nahual, with daykeepers I have studied, is also referred to as Birds — all manner of birds — and birdsong communications, great be-winged diversity.

We are all coming into a time where sharing languaging is especially important for our relationships with one another and our individual and collective thriving. 

How does the body communicate? 

...the Eagle with the water... 

…the Eagle soaring in the winds of transformative communications... 

…the cries of the bird of prey... 

…the songs of all her avian brethren, and of all the creatures and elements of the universe around her... 

…generously regenerating that abundance we mentioned?

Here we are in it, you and me.

What do we choose today? 

Gratitude to our Intuitive groups at Star Clock & Star Connective.