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No Trouble Necessary

No Trouble Necessary


I would say the trouble's not where you think the trouble is.

The trouble is where you cannot yet interface fully respectfully and responsibly — with care for living beings — at the subject intersection of the problem you're experiencing.

The problem is not the terrible, scary, evil people doing the bad, violent things.

The problem is where you're not yet able to communicate with energetic diplomacy in order to learn from... and share resources with... people who have completely different experiences about scary, violent problems we wish to alleviate.

The problem is not about whether sex trafficking survivors are telling you the truth about the things they've experienced.

The important part is whether you can recognize someone else as having had a wildly different experience than you've had... and still being able to respect them, treat them with patience and kindness, and learn from one another — because we are all here together in the body of existence.

The problem is not about what we think is fact or what we think is reality.

The problem is we haven't mended, yet, our most honorable communication strategies.

When we do that, reality changes.

And so does fact.