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Open Line

Open Line

by Megan M.

Open Line 1

by Megan M. (

A) I provide a verbal ongoing account of everything I'm encountering within some unique, non-linear, tem-por-ially emergent time frame

B) YOu send your recordings for me to intersperse into my days and respond to on the open line

Ready?… …Set… —

Q) where do we send things?

A) share your premium community shares as some form of media contribution for me to encounter and discuss (plainly or creatively or in dream traveling) on the open line — in public (🔊) broadcasts on multiple platforms.

Your share might be curious, questioning, innovative, theatrically expressive, resource coordinating, respect-oriented dialogue, top mastery communications supportiveness, art, music, storytelling, life honoring nourishment.

Even better, tell me what it is and what it means to you.

Put your links, pieces of text, conversational contributions, artful images, audio and video files directly in our public chats (🔊).

( is a great first step if you're choosing a space.)

Include a note from yourself about your contribution.

Include credits for items you share whenever you know them (or mark credit unknown).

When you share these media offerings with us directly in our public chats (🔊), I and others can understand quickly that it's acceptable for us to publicly reshare them and talk about them openly.

You're on the open line.

Q) but I already sent you something you didn't respond to!

A) I am in gradual+intensive recovery from experiences of extreme violence that left me with long-term compounded neurological injuries.

Knowing me is a unanticipatable theurgy of depth and substance found nowhere else in the cosmos.

I hope you will bring up your share again and look for ways to support me in being able to communicate with you.

Neurological repair collaborations are my favorite.

Q) How can I most helpfully ask questions about how this works?

A) Ask directly (with patience, care, and respect) in our public Telegram chats (🔊) (or in the comments of this post on Substack IPR) and whoever may become available can help out answering your questions.

Q) how can I support you?

A) join this adventurers' quest