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Opening Sequence • Part 1, the Introduction

Opening Sequence • Part 1, the Introduction

Intuitive Social Theater and our Dreamseum present: this Stage for you to Play on.
At Her Loom • from an art series by the mother weaver & Megan Elizabeth Morris with Midjourney AI • 4 March 2023 (Eagle 11 Serpent) •

Please Read This Note & Share Widely (Gratitude, Blessings 🥰)

Part 1 • Opening Sequence

Good evening to you, bright shining stars!

I'd like your assistance with this next peace -- or rather, eight of them! 

This introduction, friends, is part one.

Read closely, share what you're learning, and reach out to us to support the unfolding of our Intuitive community story.

It is a story you can step into -- our Intuitive narrative -- but really, you are already participating.

These fictions, "factual" as ever, are the most engaging entertainment you shall ever find all around you or set eyes upon.

I'm keeping this text short, direct, and to the point as much as I can with my available capacities.

We have been encountering such intriguing experiences, we think more of you should know about it.

I'm grateful for your presence -- from my deepest truth and on my heart as an actress.

Intuitive Social Theater and this Dreamseum does live. 

What an amazing time we are in!

Our thanks for your kindness, compassion activation, creative expressions, attention, care, and courage.

All right.

Now forward, players.

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