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P3 • The World Cult & You with Sol Luckman (2 October 2023)

P3 • The World Cult & You with Sol Luckman (2 October 2023)

Part 3 of 3! Fact & fiction; the power of creative dreaming; & how to notice and engage opportunities to build beautifully together. What great fun!

Below is part three of my video call with Sol Luckman, which occurred the 2nd of October, 2023. If you’re looking for them, here are links to part one and part two.

Reviewing these materials again has been illuminating (and neurologically reparative) for me. These are important subject intersections — to be expounded upon and revisited with frequency.

In the Intuitive network, our discussions here are especially connected with questions we ask ourselves and one another on a continuing basis.

How do you grow your own self… and the world around you… with attunement, presence, respect, and care for the body of the greater universe you belong to?

How do you reconcile encounters with others who have very different lived experiences, personal mythologies, perceptions, and understandings of reality?

How do we treat most respectfully with one another in times of crisis and challenge?

How do we refuse to be weaponized by predatory influences — and instead, bring our own considerable powers to bear in co-creating the world we know as a place of creative resonance, healing wisdom, natural emergence, and fundamental wholeness?

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We sure do enjoy having you along on this wild ride.

Thank you for being here with us.

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