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Part 2 • Theater; Target Practice

Part 2 • Theater; Target Practice

Stay safe -- follow these crucial network-savvy anti-trafficking guidelines.
At Her Loom • from an art series by the mother weaver & Megan Elizabeth Morris with Midjourney AI • 4 March 2023 (Eagle 11 Serpent) •

Please Read This Note & Share Widely (Gratitude, Blessings 🥰)

Part 2 • Theater; Target Practice

Some of you have experienced targeting, or heard about the targeting our community members have experienced.

Targeting, of course, happens in quite a large number of ways. Ambient ongoing demographic targeting is par for the course, and can sometimes include specific interpersonal targeting, deception, or harassment by people seeking information about the vulnerable members of our network.

Survivors of the worst forms of illness and injury making beautiful stage-worthy stories are often misunderstood, and rarely recognized as the powerful healing it activates in our vocational recoveries.

These unfortunate incidents are one major reason we never (NEVER EVER) ask survivor contacts in the network to disclose their real names or their addresses. 

PLEASE NOTE: If someone asks you for your real name or your address, or for any other kind of private or personal sensitive information, you should certainly NOT give it to them. No matter how artful their ask!

Particularly, if someone tells you they are a friend of someone in the network, verify that definitively with the person in question before believing what you've been told.

We have noticed a sudden uptick in situations where it seems deceptive or dishonorably predatory individuals are being paid to discover the locations of sex trafficking survivors who might reveal information that compromises trafficking operations.

Whether such operations are real or contrived, it hardly matters.

(You know marketers.)

If you might seem to have information like this, you already know how challenging it is to find anyone who will help, support, or resource you adequately to restore your physical safety.

That's exactly why we don't ever detail or store information about one another's most sensitive situations -- and why we have never had a database or centralized location with references about community members we've worked with.

If we had, none of us would ever have been safe to contact one another in the first place.

Instead, we focus on building the community resourcing that makes all our community members safer in other ways -- for instance, ensuring that locational resources can be discovered by people who connect with them at their sole discretion and with full regard for their privacy and personal security.

We will never require you to share something private with us in order to offer you kindness and support as part of our distributed network.

If we lose contact with you for long periods of time, we will still remember you and hold space for you here, even if we have never been able to find out what happened.

Our stage maintains respect for your role and prime personage, even without word and from a distance.

Arts, music, poetry, relational resonance.

These are our healing stories of greatest substance and significance.

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