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Part 3 • Rescue Aid Redux

Part 3 • Rescue Aid Redux

On the subject of "what really IS rescue?"... our reflections for your perusal.
At Her Loom • from an art series by the mother weaver & Megan Elizabeth Morris with Midjourney AI • 4 March 2023 (Eagle 11 Serpent) •

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Part 3 • Rescue Aid Redux

I stopped talking about rescue aid the same way I used to, awhile back -- because it gave violent people the misconception that I knew things I didn't. 

…which for someone already as severely affected as I am, if you can imagine, is life-threateningly exhausting.

We DO NOT advise close front-line rescue aid between community members even in regards to the scariest real-life situations; it is much wiser to make strengthening vibrations to augment one another's individual personal, practical, and cosmic resources and to stop the needless invisible siphoning of vulnerable people out of our local communities than it is to go toe-to-toe with any of these violent groups facilitating ongoing trafficking.

If someone tells you that they are ready to rescue survivors and that you should give them your identifying details to facilitate that rescue, we recommend you not continue communicating with them.

We have not found any official organization or dedicated outside effort capable of meeting our litmus of trust for discussing the deeper details of what survivors need for safe relocation and recovery. We've been searching now for some years. We think the aid we'd hoped for does not exist.

I mean, gosh. That's why we make theater about it.

What better solution for it?

Our own most excellent forms of Play Practice on the stage of the world around us ensure our best opportunities for collaborative practice.

When YOU practice Intuitive toolsets to ensure you are building true, consistent, attuned, fully respectful relationships with the people you engage with, you'll know.

There is no substitute for this.

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