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Part 4 • A Note To Trafficking Operatives & Enterprising Opportunists

Part 4 • A Note To Trafficking Operatives & Enterprising Opportunists

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Please Read This Note & Share Widely (Gratitude, Blessings 🥰)

Part 4 • A Note To Trafficking Operatives & Enterprising Opportunists

For the length of our collaborations here in the network it has been clear to us that people seeking to harm, silence, or compromise survivors of severe illness, compound injury, and trafficking related violence do not generally benefit much from their line of work.

Usually, we find that they are doing that work because they never found another better option.

We have been completing materials dedicated to supporting those who have had to work for trafficking organizations -- because typically trafficking organizations aren't treating them very well.

Certainly not as well as we practice treating one another here in the Intuitive network.

We're pretty excited to put them out here where you can see them -- and perhaps even provide us with your gentle, wondrous, honorable and insightful feedback.

We invite you to be aware of how hard we're working for you, too.

Maybe you, reader, are even one of those who are in that way so severely affected.

We've watched these things happen long enough to know that it's true.

You don't deserve what they've been putting you through.

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