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Part 8 • Support Our Story

Part 8 • Support Our Story

This Intuitive theater peace achieves a peaceful pause. And cue: Applause.
At Her Loom • from an art series by the mother weaver & Megan Elizabeth Morris with Midjourney AI • 4 March 2023 (Eagle 11 Serpent) •

Please Read This Note & Share Widely (Gratitude, Blessings 🥰)

Part 8 • Support Our Story…

...with a paid subscription to making a donation to volunteering for PUBLIC MEDIA CARE NOTATION! Our Space Dog cohorts remind me this option is particularly exciting. :-) offering your skills, expertise, or resourcing to our network collaborations. respectfully introducing yourself to us (and please remember -- NO particularly sensitive, private, or compromising identifying information!) in our public chat at adding hearts, likes, comments, and success intentions on our public posts and sharing those public posts as widely and frequently as you can. spreading the word about why we care and what we're building. praying with us from wherever you are -- with the knowledge that your vibrations assist us in manifesting our collective Intuitive intentions.

...and by loving ALL the living beings you encounter -- especially the ones you may have been taught not to love.

This is the best nourishment, the best wisdom, and the best Intuitive Action.

The stage is great.

My, our time does fly.

Take care, bright lights. 

We love you oodles.

We'll be staying by.

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Hey! We’re so glad you’re here. Give yourself some love, too. This strengthens you… and what’s more… it’s the very least we can do.

Life unfolds forward. Steer true.