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Prowess Theurgy

Prowess Theurgy


Prowess Theurgy.

What do we do in these small gatherings?

We have been engaging a prodigious set of Intuitive toolsets privately; meeting a few days for every seven; noticing in what ways our bodies are most profoundly supported by this form of connection; recognizing the vital life energy that is at the core of each self, of each individual body, and also each collective body.

How are we tending to the family that is our ecosystem?

How are we tending to our physiological relationships with the beings around us who our bodies encompass inherently?

We are all part of one another, whether or not we happen to have noticed.

Intuitive Public — Family Council — Prowess Theurgy is now a sigil, a process that we engage to locate ourselves most powerfully; to bring support and nourishment to one another; to strengthen our efforts individually and collectively.

As we are increasingly verbalizing this magical, wondrous thing...

...we are also issuing invitations to you and your loved ones, colleagues, and dearest collaborators... join us in this; perhaps privately, perhaps publicly…

…engaging a form of relaxed recording, where we don't know what we're going to share; but we decide together after we move through the experience.

And we consider what peaces may be most useful, applicable, relevant, and supportive to others engaging with some part of that recording.

I have been astonished by the outcomes from this practice.

I have experienced clarity returning to me as a result of Intuitive toolsets and the ways we connect with one another most authentically in our attuned presencing, fomenting relational integrity, growing our collaborative fluency.

The power flow that occurs when we connect these organic living conduits is such an experience; it does defy verbalization until we've found, suddenly, unexpectedly, that we have begun to verbalize it.

Do follow along...

...and watch for our invitations.

We'd love for you to join us.