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Silent Stillness (Emergent Commentary)

Silent Stillness (Emergent Commentary)

Intuitive Social Intimacy & Collective Somatic Integrity of 19 July 2023

  Hey y'all.

We sure have been experiencing some things, haven't we?

I am sure you could tell (truly, we invite you to tell) your own intriguing stories.

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I have wanted to sit in silent stillness… sometimes gently punctuated by meaningful expressions… where Intuitive social intimacy arises: that sensation of being with and knowing one another in ways so many of us have found prevented.

At least, in the usual contexts — the ones we had been led to expect were the only true ways of doing that — and yet…

…we are innovative.

There's a certain point where one must take more responsibility than one did before.

We check and we check again to find out what is possible from our capacity's current vantage.

When we do this most honestly and honorably, we find shifts… changes… differences in the landscape of it that we perhaps did not expect.

At lengths of silent stillness, we find ourselves so well regarded in a way that cannot truly be facsimile’d.

To regain the functions necessary is a long haul indeed.

But when we succeed,
the body is freed;
the pain is eased.

And all we need is to breathe…

…collective somatic integrity.