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Situational Neurology

Situational Neurology

Day 45 flashback; intermediarily dailied

Some days ago, I wrote a separate dailies entry on another platform and referred to a prior Facebook post, which I included in the text.

I’ve been getting ready for this head bones re-alignment thing.

If you find me slow or missing from 5-8 November forward for some unknown amount of time, you’ll have a sense of why. Recovery will proceed, likely non-linearly, at whatever pace recovery proceeds. Please send prayers and visualizations of success.

Thank you, friends.

28 November 2023, I wrote…

I'm feeling a lot, and less verbal. Preparing for major shifts in the body; experiencing major shifts already.

Many threads... being woven into tapestries... and then these tapestries are woven into new tapestries... and those into new tapestries...

The physiology of the collective universe we are breathing, hearts-beating, living and traveling in.

Hey, we are all connected to one another — regardless of Internet devices! — and I sure do remember it in times like this.

I published on Facebook in the middle of the night, while navigating some physical pain. I have been thinking about the ways that whole platforms (or parts of platforms) can drop out of my bodybrain when the body is struggling to align resources; then regained much later, timing unknown, when the neurology has enough support to repair and resume those activities.

Usually what I need most for this function repair is for others to notice my absence and reach out to me; very common for people with intersectional trauma, neurological injury, and complex disability circumstances.

Still, many people don't realize how powerful the relational connection is; and everyone (I do think everyone) is experiencing more stress and hardship these days, even if it's not necessarily visible to others.

We are all striving through what we are striving through.

Very bravely.

Full Gemini Moon shining impossibly bright through my bedroom window.

Deep feelings in my body about what I sometimes can say, and sometimes cannot say.

The sense of the responses that are finally conveyed to the world outside my body, and the responses that live inside my body, that haven't yet found the conditions necessary for emerging.

A desire to extend truer attunement, practical support, love and care to people I haven't been able to form words for the way I've wanted.

The urge and activation towards social interactions that would need to take place on a particular electronic platform, if my body could do that, if my brain could think it...

...and while for whatever amount of time that isn't accessible, still, those relationships are dear to me.

And you who are reading.

I hope we will all find one another again.

The digital social spaces fake a kind of relationality that isn't really happening the way it might seem to do.

The machine may read me as seeing something or make it seem like I should have seen something.

But that doesn't make me able or sure to see it, to recall or be able to think it in the midst of challenges, or to track my interactions beyond faint impressions and fleeting connectivity and momentary miracles.

I am grateful for the miracles.

I flow or hop from space to space, platform to platform, to see which of my neural sets have greatest ease of function.

Sometimes the answer is none. Sometimes some.

Often unexpected outcomes.

I wonder a lot what my world will be like once we move my displaced head bones into alignment.

I'm not assuming anything.

But I am drawn to adventuring.

Miracles do have a certain compelling precedent. 🥰

The post I made is here. Come find me.

Mack's Memo • Intuitive Public Radio
Mack's Memo • Intuitive Public Radio Podcast
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