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Sol Luckman Uncensored, A Super Secret Audio Project, & Collaborative Intuitive Recovery

Sol Luckman Uncensored, A Super Secret Audio Project, & Collaborative Intuitive Recovery

Fortuitous bibliauguries have continued to facilitate healing for individual & community bodies. Read, listen, & co-create with us to unfold this living story.
Books I am lucky to practice with — and even read a little in bed before sleeping on some days. Big miracles and fortuitous blessings, these rehabilitative bibliauguries. (Many of my photos also feature reams of 100% organic unbleached undyed cotton cheesecloth, a huge part of my overall remediation-&-recovery process.) Photo by Max Megan Elizabeth Morris (30 September 2023).

Recently, I am delving deeply into bibliaugury… a word I never heard before but constructed out of sheer necessity; recognizing the bookness of my world and my experiences; and deeply valuing my interpersonal interactions with these bound paper tomes I have somewhat recently been able to come back into contact with.

For a very long time, I have not been able to interact with books at all or almost at all — because I had not yet had the support or resources to rehabilitate my contact with paper and ink, to say nothing of shipping particulates (which have to be carefully wiped away in order for me to start with a new book from a bookseller).

So far I have not yet rehabbed my contact with used books.

But I have been having wonderful successes with new books, difficulties with price points aside. It is a tremendous achievement for me to be able to read in bed before sleeping!

Even with continuing physical violence and continuing extreme adversity… in these situations of continuing severe disability… we have got a lot of wondrous ongoing rehabilitation activities and a lot of successes as we travel through those experiences.

In order to survive these invisible hardship intersections, one must be continually repairing one's physical body — even as one continues to take damage to the physical body.

Because otherwise there will no longer be a body.

And so we are building and building and building; we are reconstructing neurology; we are restoring functions wherever we find the capacity.

We are dwelling with the experiencing of how we take hits and how we process ongoing damage, knowing that the way we tune our attention has a lot to do with whether we end up dead… or whether we continue striving among the living.

In late 2022, I reached out to an author of my acquaintance, who publishes prolifically on the subject of healing in the body — and also has a very healthy complement of fiction offerings… which for me, in my experience, are not separate from his factual writings.

His name is Sol Luckman.

I've read a number of different works online and in digital book format that he has written on the subject of DNA Potentiation and Regenetics, which he and his wife, Leigh, fomented in response to their own experiencing.

When I reached out to him… I think in December or November possibly… now nine or so months ago… I had already engaged with the global DNA Potentiation that they host. I was noticing that even in the continuing physical violence and extreme debility I and my family had long been experiencing, to anchor these ideas was a particularly crucial part of my process.

The work that I had been doing with the survivors' groups in the Intuitive Network, our Intuitive Invisibles, was showing how powerful these ideas could be when we would discuss them together — even considering the significant amount of controversy surrounding certain ways of expressing our experiences, or certain ways that this author has expressed his experiences.

Many of us felt a lot of resonance recognizing some similarity in those positions; and also recognizing how important it has been to us to open up our ways of saying what's happening, being willing to verbalize that which others might want to quash or distract from… where this has been essential to our real survival on the planet: having the additional support of a public platform where these subjects are in focus, especially considering the neurological and memory destruction that survivors in our groups, including myself, have been experiencing.

We've found that there's no comparison for having that kind of subject level advocacy occurring in a public platform being unfurled brazenly and honestly to describe experiences that others might not yet have been able to come to terms with.

I noticed… after moving through most of my experiencing after that global DNA Potentiation… that some particular functions I had been striving to regain were starting to come back online.

I realized that what I really needed to do was to collaborate with others, especially others whose work has been meaningful to me, in whatever way I could — hopefully directly interpersonally, but also, importantly, from a distance with people I had never met.

So who could I reach out to?

And who could I collaborate with, even not being able to reach out to them?

What would be the modes in which I would practice these collaborations?

A best-I-could-wrangle survival recording rig, which I began to set up shortly before the first of my two 2023 concussions early in the year. That’s a pop filter held to a device arm with a Zoom H1n audio recorder. Sometimes I can use it; sometimes I’ve got to stick to a hand-held. (I’m including links for quick reference — but please don’t buy things from Amazon if you can help it. Also: somewhat insightfully, Zoom’s website marketing copy says “The Evolution Continues”; and then it says “This product has been discontinued.” Sometimes that happens too.)

A very important aspect of this, for me especially, has been to regain my stage presence; to regain my performance acumen; being that theater, opera, and other forms of public performance have been so big in my life experiences.

They have made up such a large portion of the pages that have been written by me being alive in this body since I was very young.

When my body organized itself increasingly to repair damage that had been done over many years of compounded, severe, life-and-death disablement… what I really needed, I knew, over and over again for years up until this last winter… was that I had to perform what was most meaningful to me as part of the collaborations I was seeking.

I started to gather ideas of books around me, even though at that time I could not come into contact with the ink and paper versions of the books I wanted to read excerpts from.

I delved as much as I could into digital books. I had some success although it was extremely difficult reading the digital books using the electronic devices and being exposed to that device radiation — even with all the radios off! Wi-Fi, 5G, Bluetooth, and turning the 2G off as often as I could; knowing that the 1G is probably not turn-offable and something may still be signaling or emanating even from a device that is entirely shut down, entirely turned off.

So there are a lot of complexities to how I began to navigate this.

But I felt so moved by it.

Being deeply aware… that the more I could interact with others relationally about these projects… the more I would be gaining my functions back.

And so I started to practice.

I started to read very short paragraph excerpts from what I was reading in the digital books.

And when I reached out to Sol, we started to discuss the possibilities of a Super Secret Audio Project… concerning the amazing experiences that I had been having myself in my own body and with others in the network because we had been discussing Sol's writings — and in many ways, very interestingly, because I had engaged with that global DNA Potentiation ceremony.

It is striking to me how the words that I form to share this with you now are going to be misleading to anyone who doesn't have a fuller context.

And I think, all right, there isn't really a whole lot I can do about that… except continue talking. [laugh] …and provide increasing context for why I am saying what I am saying and what these experiences have been.

Part of what continues to unfold, now that I am so lucky, so many months later…

…two intervening concussions since I reached out to Sol in the winter of late 2022…

…I am reading paper books, and still recording excerpts of attuned theatrical oration that activates my body and my memory structures comprehensively…

…connects me to functions that had been wiped out over and over and over again…

…not only by severe, repetitive neurological injuries…

…but also by the absence of social and relational connectivity about meaningful collaborations; about what we build together, about what matters to us.

This is the stuff that rebuilds bodies.

This is the stuff that activates life energy.

Our inherent pleomorphisms come to the table where we are nourished in such a profound way; being here on this planet, in physical bodies, deep in our own somatics.

Even at the same time we may be climbing out of the body to escape traumatic situations, we connect through the imagery we co-facilitate with one another; we connect through the sounds we make conversing and singing with one another.

There is quite a bit of this that has deepened and risen in me over so many years, over decades even, from when I was a child; and then having reached out to Sol… particularly because of the ways that I found him describing territory that had long been sacred to me but I did not have very good ways of verbalizing, especially after so much compounded neurological injury.

The way that Sol has written his books, the way that he has formed his dialogues about the healing of the body through resonance, through imagery, have been especially helpful and anchoring to me…

…have anchored my work in survivors' groups in the Intuitive Network…

…have anchored collaborations in our survivors' groups that perhaps never could otherwise have occurred — because we were able to continue to refer again and again to these modalities using verbals I repaired with the help of Sol's written materials…

…and have anchored my awareness of being connected to a community of others following his work.

No longer possible to be gaslighted about the existence of these modalities.

No longer reasonable to try to gaslight myself to avoid the consequences of telling the truth about my own experiences.

"Oh, you're crazy. Oh, none of this is real. Oh, you're just making it up."

That's what we say to ourselves in order to attempt to forestall violence.

And yet, it is violence against the body to do that.

It squashes our own inherent healing capacities.

Seeing Sol publishing on his platforms day after day after day… seeing how he described the community engagements that he and Leigh have been co-facilitating… was a continual reminder for me, and has been a continual reminder for me, that others are working with these modalities, have clarity in describing the elements of them, and are living their lives and building their work in the world on the basis of the magic we are all source-connected to; what heals and strengthens our bodies no matter what experience we are talking about.

We have powers we have been misdirected from recognizing if we've been relying upon the dominant established systems… which of course we know extensively to have been co-opting and commoditizing the life energy, the awareness, the epistemic vitality of all living beings.

Sol Luckman and I have continued discussing our Super Secret Audio Project — this collaboration between his platform, Sol Luckman Uncensored, and our Intuitive Network.

Although there have been many delays and interruptions… many very challenging circumstances… still, we are continuing.

Still, every additional increment — I find to be profoundly activating of my physical health and vitality.

I'm very grateful that we could organize all of this considering how much grace and patience it requires of any collaborator — grace and patience that Sol has continually demonstrated.

There are not so many people we have found who could engage with us in these kinds of collaborations; considering how foreign the experiences of the most severely disabled and invisible survivors of violence have been to pretty much everyone because of those dominant established systems of co-optation and commoditization of all living beings.

With great appreciation for the opportunities we have had, for me to be able to continue working with Sol in these ways… I am very excited to unfold more of the Intuitive Network's signature — true — metafictional storytelling, our transmedia arts immersions conveying the depth and complexity of these amazing experiences… and gradually (in Divine timing) showing you more of this Super Secret Audio Project and all of the different peaces that comprise it.

I continue to practice my meaningful theatrical excerpts.

I continue to organize conversations in the private network and for our public media that restore vitality in the bodies of the most invisible, the most brave and wonderful people you will ever meet, these survivors of extreme adversity.

I look forward to bringing more of all our conversations about the powerful modalities we've been learning about and practicing and anchoring for one another — because we've been able to reach others practicing similar modalities.

So that even in the midst of severe neurological injury, we could remember and know that we're not just crazy; that we need not capitulate to the popular programming; that we can write our own books forward in what we know are the truest and most life-honoring ways.

I hope you will find Sol Luckman and his work at and support him with a subscription.

I trust you will also find myself, Mack (Max, Mo) Megan Elizabeth Morris, your caring community co-host at our Radio Publíca Intuitiva, this Intuitive Network,

This is an amazing journey we are on.

You, friends, are part of the story we are telling.

We are so grateful to have you along.