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Sol Luckman's Regenetics, DNA Potentiation, Intriguing Questions, & Intuitive Community

Sol Luckman's Regenetics, DNA Potentiation, Intriguing Questions, & Intuitive Community

Mack's Potentiation Reflections In This Real Living Dream Travel of 20 July 2023

Sol Luckman Uncensored hosts a complimentary online 2nd edition of Conscious Healing at this link:

If you are able, please support him with a subscription to the Sol Luckman Uncensored Substack and by purchasing his books.

We have especially been enjoying Conscious Healing, Cali the Destroyer, Snooze, Potentiate Your DNA — and he recently released a new book we’ve been eyeing with gusto, called Musings From A Small Island.

Please do browse these links… celebrate the depth of cosmic wilderness we all have in our immediate midst… and send some love and nourishment his way for having engaged these powerful energies in highlighting it!

Above is Sol’s alter ego portrait, the one so many of us know him by.

It’s been fascinating to realize how time has passed, and that so much has occurred in the streams and pockets between remembered events.

Re-listening to my broadcast audio at the top of this page before publishing it today lit my neural constellations again. Serious somatic adventuring.

In fact, it was 13 December 2021 when we recorded our original interview (!!) — and it was 3 April 2022 when I attended my first DNA potentiation through the vibrant cosmic mesh of non-local psychic participation. (I looked it up!)

Below is a link to one of the Phoenix Center’s recent Worldwide Potentiation Ceremonies, held monthly each 1st Sunday:

Sol Luckman Uncensored Updates & Uploads
🧬 Heal & Transform Your Life w/ Our Sunday Worldwide Potentiation Ceremony
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48. Sol Luckman & Max Morris Dream Relief, Repair, & Healing Resonance (13 December 2021)

Watch our entire original interview from December 2021 at this link:

Here’s a short clip of the above interview from a portion of our conversation about “ener-genetic” healing for survivors’ recovery from human trafficking trauma, which Sol uploaded to his CrowRising YouTube page:

Birdsong Language Attunements • Creative Expression • Transformative Outcomes • Dream Traveling the Works of Sol Luckman • Intuitive Unknown (12 May 2023)

Here is a link to our previous post about Sol’s work, a curated art-by-art dream state with audio and image features from the Sol Luckman pixels gallery:

And here are a few more of Sol’s art peaces we really like:

You know, this is all a lot of fun.

Thank you for being along for the ride. :-)