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Storybeing • from an art series by Mack Megan Elizabeth Morris with Midjourney AI • art credits: • more:

This, friends, is life-saving creative writing.

It does not require paper or pen; nor a keyboard; nor even the use of words.

It does, however, ask questions.

Where do you find your creative flow… in the most challenging situations?

Where do you find your true source self?
…your attuned performance?
…your healing expression?

Where do you find your most resonant relational contact, even when you are confronted with fear, distress, despair, or suffering?

How do you find the epic narrative that drives the unfolding of success where no one — even you — can imagine how such success can occur?

Where is your professional art in times of hardship?

Where is your economic strength?

How do you locate your vocational vitality when all seems destroyed… lost… or irreparably broken?

How can you connect to your sovereign vibration — to who and what you know yourself most inherently to be?

Whence your intuitive recovery?

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