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Storybeing 2 • Love Song Poetry

Storybeing 2 • Love Song Poetry

* • Commensal musicality • Channeled for Me, the Universe, and You.
Storybeing 2; Love Song Poetry • art peace co-created by Megan Elizabeth Morris with Midjourney AI (K'an 4 Ke'j, 13 August 2023) • More:

 I am calling to my heart.
I call so true.
I am calling to me.
I am calling to you.

Where the winds ever blow;
places we can travel to;
something known,
something new,
somewhere flowers grew.

Oh, heart of mine — love sublime —
how I try. And oughtn’t wonder why
we find ourselves in such intriguing times.

The world unfolds with all its wonders, striving;
all that we wander… where e’er we wander…
spacetime slinking by, in all her splendor…

…what we have to share, infinitely… this
strengthening, nourishing, wondrous thing.

The Universe, it sings to me.
And if I can only sing to thee
I'll consider it a gift
of this great panoply…

…sacred sinking in
to where I want to be.
Lovingly free.

Fly the way you
knew yourself
meant to be.

Evening thunderstorm performance of 12 August 2023.

Song melody composition, love poetry, & vocal audio by Megan Elizabeth Morris (K’an 3 Kame, 12 August 2023) • channeled single session, commensal musicality; while laying relaxed in bed with the window slightly open; thinking of you and listening to the ardent rain.

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What story are you living right now?

When you turn the page, do you find your portion written for you?…

…or do you write it yourself?

When we make music together commensally… at our shared table… it is little or no different than sharing the art of being. Sharing our lives, whether we realize we’re sharing our lives or not, is intimacy.

We’re here in the wholeness — part of one another.

All of us. At the same time. (Did you notice?)

We might recognize it as intimacy. We might dissociate from the intimacy of it. And still we are here together, experiencing it.

How… in the wide, wild world… do we cope with that?

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