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The House, the Addict, the Good People, and the Back Garden (Pick Up Sticks) - Dream Traveling of 31 January 2023, 044045am

The House, the Addict, the Good People, and the Back Garden (Pick Up Sticks) - Dream Traveling of 31 January 2023, 044045am

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On this other plane, dream traveling, Victoria has been paying for our house.

There is a massive, almost mall-like floor through the center of the house.

The kitchen is huge.

It sort of seems like there are maybe four directions... and one of them goes out to a back garden... with little trees and tiny sticks and yellow flowers, and it hasn't been tended.

So I'm thinking of going out and picking up little sticks so that I can walk out there in bare feet.

Victoria says, Oh, can I really go outside, out back?

I say, Of course, please do.

Earlier in this dream traveling experience, I am there at home because it is our home.

It is the home we live in.

The earliest part of the dream traveling is that suddenly on this day, a lot of people show up at the house.

And one of them -- because it's a sort of public flood of attention -- one of them is in the middle of the open area shooting up something, maybe heroin.

In my experience of the dream traveling, I encounter this woman, this stranger, with a, a very long metal snake and she's shooting up into her arm... and she's behaving like a heroin addict in a state of intensity.

She wants to be left alone. Is it perhaps Victoria that asks her to leave? No, it's someone else. It's someone else who's there to help -- and she just wants to help.

I feel conflict in the first place about asking the addict with the needle to leave, because the addict with the needle needs help.

But I don't know what to do at that moment.

So the person, the woman who is there help out, who is just, you know, doing what she can to help out... before we really work it out, she goes up to the addict... (isn't it interesting that I'm using these words?) ...and says, Please don't do that in here.

And the woman with the long metal snake and the exposed midriff with the skinny bony ribs. She even... she seems... she has these gaping ribs. But she also is plump around other parts of her body, especially the top. She is sort of tucked in on herself... comforting herself. She's comforting herself with the needle... and the needle is attached to this loooong metal snake that extends out from her across the floor and moves and is sort of its own creature.

When she's asked not to do that in there... she gets very upset, very agitated, and then that's its whole situation.

I don't know how it's resolved exactly, but she has a need.

She has an intensity.

She needs a place to be.

She needs a place to find relief.

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In this house, the floor is this vast, expansive tile with this sort of pebbly texture.

It's mall like. It's interestingly mall like, but it's like a -- it's like a very large, luxurious kitchen.

And we have been gifted with this house because they... the woman, Victoria... she wanted to see our work happen.

Now, much earlier in the dream traveling, there is a man who has gifted us the house.

So there is a shift in the dream that I don't totally understand.

And it is a very similar vibration with the man near the beginning of the dream.

In this dream traveling, the center area of the house is huge and open and airy.

Dad and I are there alone normally.

And as of this dream traveling, we have been for quite a while.

I had not even really thought of how the house is being paid for, for us, because we've been traveling through our intense situations privately.

I've been doing my best, but the house really needs more assistance in upkeep.

It's slightly bewildering when lots of people start showing up, but it's also clearly an opportunity -- and part of me realizes that I could immediately take charge of the situation and start communicating with all of the people in terms of there being a community there.

People there don't really have a sense of organization in being there, but they're there.

Much earlier in the dream traveling, I am sort of catching up.

I'm catching up with my own memories of either the man from the beginning of the dream traveling or Victoria -- or both in some way, I'm not sure -- having been paying for the house we are living in, and this having been going on for quite some time, there being some amount of disarray in the house.

A few people have come by.

I think this is the beginning of the dream traveling.

A few people, individually at different times, come by and say, Hi, I'm here to help; I would love to do this set of tasks. I would love to do this set of tasks so that they can get done. I wanna do that from my heart because I believe in your work.

And I say, Oh, I'm so grateful that you're here. Thank you so much for being here.

And then I sort of do my best to get myself into a place of clarity about how I can be most aware of what they're offering, how they're offering us assistance, and how do we want to all organize ourselves so that all of us have more of what we need.

And then of course, later in the dream traveling, a lot of strangers show up as if it's an open public mall.

And yes, that is an opportunity.

The back garden is absolutely beautiful.

And it's like as part of the dream traveling, I rediscover it after a long time because I haven't been able to go out there.

Isn't that interesting.

...I had the volume on this recorder turned all the way up.

I hope that all of that was audible.

I think it probably was.

So there's this sense that Victoria is ready to engage in ongoing business.

She would love to have some access to the location.

It sort of seems like she used to live there.

The man from the beginning of the dream traveling... it sort of seems like he used to live there.

It's almost like at first it was a man that I'm interacting with. And then a little later on, it's clear that Victoria used to live there.

It's maybe, I mean, it could be that both of them have been previously involved in the administration or in the ownership or in the rental of the house.

It seems like a place that has more living space for more people.

Good job brain! -- finding a place, finding a plane -- where we are already doing what we have essentially energetically known ourselves to be doing.

The back garden... all the tiny little sticks in the back garden... even with all the tiny little sticks in the back garden, making it a place where I would not necessarily walk in bare feet very much until I spent some time... picking up sticks...

It's interesting... that my task needed to be... picking up sticks.

It's not a difficult activity at all.

It's a beautifying activity.

It's a comfort making activity.

It's an activity that allows me access to a really beautiful, natural outside area.

A lot of green trees with tiny, tiny, tiny branches... I wonder what kind of trees those are.

They have tiny, beautiful yellow blooms on them -- a lot of them do.

There's a lot of sunlight out there.

It seems like there are glass doors of some kind, maybe French doors, maybe like the ones in Murrysville, somewhat -- that open out.

It's a really beautiful house. It's largely constructed. It's constructed with a lot of open air and a high center ceiling.

The kitchen is very wide open.

The whole center construct of the house has this vaulted ceiling.

The kitchen has an island in it and is very wide and open.

When all of the people come, they have immediate access to the entire center of the house and to the refrigerator.

I realize walking with my bare feet through the house, that a whole lot of people have been walking through this center tile area of the house and that they've been in the kitchen and in the fridge, and the whole house is open to them.

And I realized that that is part of the consequence of how we're set up.

And that that's sort of where we're at.

It's not necessarily bad. There are some challenges, as in with the woman who is addicted to the substance in the classic way.

(That's not -- is that the classic way? I don't think that's the classic way. Well, yeah, sure. It's the classic way. She has a passion for it.)

She has perhaps no other support. So there is some kind of addiction experience that we could perhaps frame as addiction. I think we would have to. That's what -- you know, that's how addicts are advertised to look in this day and age -- you're hooked on a substance. You're hooked on the snake, on the serpent.

There are beautiful possibilities in this dream travel house that is being paid for, for us, by very kind people, very wise people, supporting our efforts... bringing their energy and intentionality to ensure our goals and outcomes are achieved.

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