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One of the first things you learn when you deepen into attuned presencing in the Intuitive network is that human trafficking doesn't happen the same way you've been propagandized to believe it happens.

The human trafficking we are all experiencing is rooted in ambient population level effects on communities that have no idea they're being trafficked.

You, friend, are affected by this.

It's why it's become so hard for you to get your basic needs met.

Any direct, interpersonal criminal operations of the sorts you've seen sensationalized rely upon this distributed substrate to hide their activities.

If you don't address the ambient trafficking influences that affect all members of your community -- even those who seem most privileged and stable -- there is no where for the worst affected trafficking survivors to go if indeed someone actually wants to "rescue" them.

While artificially popular media directs you to gas-lit disputes about the existence of uniquely nightmarish forms of extreme violence -- or lifts up select heroisms crafted to orchestrate rhythms upon your sensitive heart strings -- the most pervasive human trafficking operations are happening in everyday situations.

This normalizes levels of violence that increasingly sensitized community members cannot bear with.

You've been sensitized this way, too.

You hang on to the access and capacities you still have, signaling privilege and virtue in the hopes of stabilizing your access to what you need most.

But all the while, various and hard-to-identify forms of disablement are taking down your functions.


Then you are told stories... some of them true, some of them fancies... about the much scarier things others elsewhere are encountering.

So you think what you're experiencing can't possibly really be violent.

You're grateful not to be in those much worse situations.

And holding on so desperately, having to tune your functions so radically in order to succeed in any way, you are indubitably distracted from the trafficking pathways operating in all your environments as a matter of the new normalcy.

If honored elders and multi-generational relationships had not been wiped out of all our spaces, if our family ancestors had not been targeted with population level trauma, we'd remember better.

But it's challenging to remember everything we'd like to remember when our spaces are glutted with petrochemicals, war poisons, device radiation, and neuroendocrine disruptors.

In this context, it's much easier for trafficking influences to sweep up and tuck away with those most invisible, vulnerable, and severely affected.

The ones who wouldn't be missed.

Yeah, the worst of the nightmares are happening. We've seen it.

In states of severe disability, we can't organize dramatic rescue operations even for those we know who experience those forms of violence.

It isn't even safe for us to have one another's sensitive private information -- so we avoid it.

But those most nightmarish forms of trafficking violence only happen because people in everyday circumstances lose contact and awareness of what the community body is.

The locational resources we are building to create survivors' recovery resourcing and access points all over the world -- these restore the integrity of our collective bodies.

If somebody tries to convince you that any rescue operation can proceed without such resources being freely available across all communities, they might just be selling you something.

So how do we help those survivors?

...and how can we help ourselves?

How can we do something about those most nightmarish forms of violence we keep hearing about?

How can we step away from the fear that our circumstances will worsen and we ourselves will be one of them?

Build true communications with those surviving severe disablement in your communities.

Build true rehabilitative resourcing for all living beings in your communities.

Honor the best of the stories.

But don't be distracted from the direct, respectful relationships you can have right now with those in your midst who are most severely affected.

This stops traffick.