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Vocational & Relational Recovery Support

Vocational & Relational Recovery Support

Alignable recommendation by Cheryl Anne Ruebner, October 2023

 "Megan Morris is truly a dedicated and honorable pioneer in the field of supporting survivors in ways that no other organizations do or can. They have a particular strength in vocational and relational recovery support, of both the disabled or neurodivergent survivor and their community.

The vast amount of content already released is a tome for survivors, support professionals, survivors who are reclaiming and recovering their professions, families, friends and the general public. The content and community spaces are made with survivors, including those in active danger, in mind.

Professionals interested in supporting survivors are welcome and can become involved in active projects.

Consulting with IPR is crucial in the construction of...

  • recovery centers

  • survivor assistance programs

  • inclusive community building

  • the education of therapists, social workers, nonprofit agencies, and administration of those sectors.

Her deep and wide knowledge and experience of environmental, social, and political influences, and mastery of Trauma Awareness make Megan's insight and feedback a cornerstone of any program that supports survivors of severity."

— 20 October 2023 • Recommended on Alignable by Cheryl Anne Ruebner of Readings By Rue: Astrology and Tarot for You

Mack's Memo • Intuitive Public Radio
Mack's Memo • Intuitive Public Radio Podcast
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