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Welcome, Friends • Ideaschema Intuitive Newsletter Success!

Welcome, Friends • Ideaschema Intuitive Newsletter Success!

Wowee zowee. We did it! You're looped in with us on Substack.

Previously, this message about Newsletter Transitions & Neurological Bridges. Hey there, Ideaschema Intuitive Mailchimp subscribers! Thank you for being here.

Those of you on the original Mailchimp lists — Ideaschema, The Idea Catalyst Kit, Megan Makes Music, and the first iteration of our Intuitive list — will recall this email from 11 August, where we set up our plan forward.

Holy moly, we are implementing it. We think we’ve got the lists settled in.

More below (and in the attached podcast audio).

A little peace of the recent Mailchimp newsletter. It’s here on Substack, too: Ideaschema Intuitive • Newsletter Transitions & Neurological Bridges

 All right y'all. It looks like we did it.

It took us a long time to plan how to pull that off.


If you are someone who was on our original email lists -- Ideaschema, Megan Makes Music, the Idea Catalyst Kit, and Intuitive where we started -- you are now with us here on Substack.

Let's congratulate ourselves for a moment. :-)

Just here and there... only y'all... over some long periods of time... because I need to engage in some neurological recovery first... you'll get some mails in the format of the Mailchimp list.

And then we'll phase that out.

I don't even think it will be much.

Just having described the neurological bridge to you is part of the relational neurological repair process -- when we make a plan together!

Keep this in mind, anyone you have in your life who is experiencing neurological distress...

...and wow, it's a lot more people than you may be aware...

...Taking the time to attune, be present, and make a plan together sets us up for success before we even realize we've succeeded.

When we send out a few intermittent emails to those original groups who are on Mailchimp, we will just be following through with the cues that stabilize our neurological functions going forward.

Then we will all continue to be here on Substack when we no longer need to go back to Mailchimp to find those neurons again.

This is such new and strange territory we are exploring. So many things have happened in all our lives that we never expected. But we can create solutions together that are powerful and effective. No joke; we have been doing it.

Thank you for hanging with us in this.

This adventure is like no other.

I am looking forward to all our subsequent achievements together.

Wowee zowee. What are our next steps?

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