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What's the hard part?

What's the hard part?

Remarkably reliably, hardship is transmuted by Intuitive toolsets.

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So... what's the hard part?

In the work itself, we find over and over again that there doesn’t necessarily need to be a hard part.

We practice toolsets to assist us in engaging relationally with one another; making resilient relationships and tending the community body. Hard parts, in this context, tend to suddenly not be hard parts. They become beautiful synchronies; surprising blessings; strengths and nourishments. Gifts. Initiations. Up-levels.

Initiations are hard… but then they confer a great strength. So are they hard parts? Maybe the hard part keeps being relocated into the past tense.

We have to get good at this kind of magic at these intersections; there’s no way to survive without it. Lots of people don’t know that process yet, but it’s a wonderful experience to get to learn it; and really, the only way to learn it is to come into regular contact with demonstrations of it, having it modeled by friendlies on an ongoing basis, and having supported opportunities to practice.

Whenever we work closely to develop skill and increased awareness with Intuitive toolsets, we see that what we thought were “the hard parts” transmute remarkably — when we come together to build trust and collaborate directly, relationally. The hard parts only become so hard when we don’t know how to do that and don’t know anyone who can help us do it.

Individuals, or groups of individuals, may have hard parts for reasons that are personal to them; but the hard part isn’t built into the landscape of the work.

The hardship is happening in the absence of the toolsets; once we know the toolsets, our being present and attuned with one another transmutes the hardship.