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What's three months? (Four!)

What's three months? (Four!)

Summer "Quarter" Wrap is 30-31 July, 2023. Joyfully attend!
Watch our 1-minute promo clip celebrating the upcoming July 30-31, 2023 Intuitive Summer Quarter Wrap broadcast from this capacious, prowess-capacitating Radio Pública Intuitiva — by clicking on this link: Summer Quarter Wrap July 2023

Each quarter, Intuitive Public Radio & the Intuitive Network review our most recent three months of savvy adventuring and unexpected miracles.

This recent quarter is thirty-five cents -- but as turns out, we've balanced the energy manifest.

This flux in media planning occurs now due to a fascinating series of sacred moment-to-moment errors… (errors? ha, that’s what we say to “errors”)… that we know well enough to celebrate.

Note the smiles on our faces.

We know that traveling into August 2023 requires especial awareness and attunement in our communities. Our lived experiences demonstrate astonishing trends.

Summer "Quarter" Wrap is 30-31 July, 2023. Please joyfully attend. :-)