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A Daily

A Daily

Day 1 • 15 October 2023

Today, I am writing a daily! Hello, dailies.

I've had a dailies practice for many years, off and on; sometimes shared, sometimes private. If I'm not writing it in text, I'm drawing it, or singing it, or doing a somatic practice, or dream traveling it (or similar). During times of especial hardship, my practice has been very somatic; having been through those experiences makes my practice now much deeper than it ever was before.

Over the course of yesterday and this morning I've supported a colleague through care notation, a form of relational communications support we've developed in the Intuitive Network that helps to repair neurological injury. I reached out to some new colleagues building exciting projects. I fed myself very good, very nourishing food. Yum yum. I overcame obstacles! I transmuted challenges!

I had some nutritive conversations about rewilding marketing, too, as an extension of conversations about social permaculture. And about the "weeds" (read: unexpected medicines) of business.

After publishing a private community description of my most meaningful work (previously posted on this Substack), someone kind asked me "What's the hard part?" I made a response to this, and you'll find it in previous posts.

There have been some truly lovely exchanges, especially since the time of the new moon annular solar eclipse in Libra yesterday. There has been a very present dream-space quality since waking early this morning. I am now moving to spend some time with my Dream Travelers' groups, which is always a particularly grounding practice for me.

Today I am feeling into the self-nurturing that will set me up for vital processes going forward, letting the right next steps flow to me (with me) as they are most aligned and resonant.

Thank you for reading. 🌻🌿