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Day 22-26 • 5-9 November 2023

Day 22-26 • 5-9 November 2023

Neurological navigation, infrastructural successes, & Intuitive Public TV

These recent days are 22, 23, 24, 25, and 26. I continue counting!

(Not long ago, I could not count. Even in current circumstances… at least this much, for this purpose… I can count. This is a wonderful thing.)

Publish cue. Oh my gosh.

Do I remember who I am and what I'm doing?

Sort of. Not really. I set up lots of reminders. (This is one of the main purposes of Intuitive infrastructure. If you're going to have to come back from the dead, make sure you'll be able to remember something about what you were doing.)

Can't set up reminders for everything; but the ones I've got seem to get me generally back into the vicinity of what neurons need repairing.

I’ll tell you more about what I’m remembering right now.

My work with YLWRKT Sanctuary and Johanna O'Tea (of Driftless Intuitive Public Radio) continues to be one of the great privileges of my life.

One of the Sanctuary People conversations Johanna leads in the Intuitive network is called Creating the Conditions; where we examine together how to establish the personal, social, structural, and environmental conditions for success even in the midst of the prodigious challenges we are all encountering.

This is especially important to any other initiative we wish to move forward, considering the complex layers of conditions-deterioration that have resulted in suboptimal circumstances we're otherwise experiencing.

In Creating the Conditions, notes over this past year have included previously posted commentaries on how families and communities build true wealth, Johanna's ambient recordings of water and music with birdsong, and discussions about alleviating environmental toxicity especially for community members who are especially sensitive to small exposures of neurotoxins and endocrine disrupting chemicals.

Johanna and I have also been working on building methods for meeting and recording video, something that has been particularly challenging for both of us due to disability circumstances… and yet seems poised for near-future success.

We have moved mountains in just these past two years.

We are Creating the Conditions necessary.

I'm excited to share more of our conversations with you as endeavors come together.

We'll spend more time celebrating, too — joyful! — since, eek, it seems we've begun to re-establish our Intuitive Public TV video queue.

Working with video again is a wild experience for me.

Recording video at all is a significant effort, even if I'm recording with someone who has an easier time with it than I do. I seem to require Telegram messenger coordination to help my video recording efforts to succeed — all the time? almost all the time? — and editing, and finally publishing… is a whole massive, extended rehabilitation conversation.

I don't know how to convey to you yet exactly what it's taken for this to be possible… but it's happening.

Very (very) slowly, very mindfully, and with a lot (a lot) of grounded, steady breathing.

Once I get through the steps, we have a number of great recordings in segments that we will share; at the relaxed pace of which cognitive and electronic device functions work at which times in order to allow us to publish.

No schedule, no expectations — except that we know full well we are courting miracles and blessings. And we are celebrating!

Thank you so much to all those who support Intuitive Public Radio with a paid subscription to Substack. You are crucial to our success. We are grateful for your presence every moment.

Amongst upcoming Intuitive Public TV broadcasts are our continued bracing and delightful conversations with Sol Luckman Uncensored (adjacent to the ongoing Super Secret Audio Project). You can watch our most recent conversation now in full on Sol's Substack while you keep an eye out for our IPR segments and commentary to appear.

Sol Luckman Uncensored Updates & Uploads
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Our colleagues organizing Intuitive Prowess have begun recording video conversations, too, that I feel encouraged and activated (wow, this) to get to discuss with you.

Upmarket Magazine is unfolding new plans for video broadcast content collaborations and next steps forward.

Our machinations for the Intuitive Media Advisory Circle (quietly, forthrightly) have proceeded a-pace.

Intuitive Market Marvelous & Market Miraculous have raised premium nutrients.

Intuitive Recovery has interviews in the works that make me feel zingy.

An increased number of network colleagues have joined us, too, in practicing dailies. Especially exciting, as some of those dailies include video!

I mustn't mislead you — it's still quite difficult for me to get the videos up onto public platforms. There are consequences to the exertion and radiation exposure, even when I am especially careful. Sometimes it takes me out for awhile (!) between successes.

But it's important.

With so many of our community members and others around the world experiencing traumatic isolation and relational neurological injury, it's a big deal to see… and in certain ways interact with… one another's bodies. Even if for the moment it’s happening through a screen.

Feeling the non-verbal communications of gestures and faces; remembering one another better; knowing one another's subtle cues, emotions, intonations.

We're getting somewhere, even if I'm not tracking very well what exactly we've achieved on any given day, at any given moment.

I'm revving myself up again.

And although sometimes my body squeaks What are you doing??... I realize each time I come back to baseline that this is one of the better tasks I could be rehabilitating.

Holy moly, am I rehabilitating.

I'mma keep going.

If you feel moved to do so — recognizing the powerful recovery leverage it gives survivors of the most challenging intersections — support Intuitive Public TV, our Intuitive Network, and this survivor-led, community-building publication by signing up for a paid subscription to From the depths of our hearts, thank you.