Wow Mack! I am totally blown away by your generous comments about my Substack! I can’t tell you what gratitude I have for you taking the time to read them, and then more time to write and compile this complimentary post and testimony about my writings. I can't thank you adequately enough for dedicating a post to my Substack. I'm so honored and so grateful! 🤗🤗🤗 Most of all, I'm thrilled you liked them and found them enlightening. If that’s what I have done for my readers, then I’ve succeeded.

Please, have an incredibly beautiful week however you spend your time. Sending to you huge amounts of hugs and love. 🤗♥️Blessings to you my divine light worker friend! ✨💖✨💫🙏💫

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There is a lot going on behind the scenes here... that relates really directly to the stories you're telling. That is something that is really intriguing to me. Sometimes I can verbalize about it and sometimes my body is processing so much of it that it's not verbal yet. But I'm really looking forward to discussing more of it. And catching up more on your recent posts! Thank you for doing what you do, bright shining being. ✨

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