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Day the Sixth

Day the Sixth

Day 6 • 20 October 2023

Day 6 is the 20th of October, 2023.

On this day, I published audio readings of a number of key peaces, including Max Mo Dailies; most scheduled ahead to appear on the public platform over the following few days. Blessings are emerging, green-leaf’d and fragrant with life energy.

At the time I began writing this 20 October daily, two of those posts were visible (& listenable), and I’m sharing links to them below.

(Will you share your impressions, inspirations, dream travelings, and meanderings with me?)

A forthright description of the work we’re doing here in the Intuitive network:

Listen (3 min) | Intuitive, Networked • Public Media & Community Resourcing for Hardship Survivors


My response to an inquiry regarding “the hard part”:

Listen (3 min) | What's the hard part? • Remarkably reliably, hardship is transmuted by Intuitive toolsets

Something especially resonant, recently, has been anchored.

I’m not going to even venture to say what it is. It keeps shifting. Oh, “anchor” — is that the word I used? I still mean it.

And somehow, simultaneously, this is also true:

Every moment, the world is different.

With the upcoming scheduled posts over the next few days, we will have broadcast our 200th (officially numbered) episode (of this recent sequence) by the time I eat breakfast on the morning of Sunday the 22nd of October, 2023.

[Note from the future! This happened. How awesome is it that this happened? Very awesome. Can you guess how much neurological repair it required to be able to count public numbered episodes to 200? It’s a lot. We are graced to have gotten so far, and we’re still going. This post you’re reading or listening to now is episode 201.]

My functions for communicating via Internet platforms are more prodigious than ever.

Our capacity to meet challenges together continues to increase.

The day has unfolded complexly for me.

I achieved a number of things I am glad to have achieved. I had, oh, about 4 hours sleep last night. Who could even have expected that I could achieve such things on so little sleep? (More sleep tonight, please.)

I tended to sensitive family intersections and network challenges. I supported colleagues and publishing initiatives. I engaged in some premium quality emotional processing.

I am holding the sensations I am experiencing -- all the sensations, not fleeing them, not squelching them; being with them.

I know that I am very brave. I am breathing deeply and steadily. I am stretching my body, listening to physical pain to find easing for it, and taking my time.

Through the past 24 hours or so, a notable number of strange coincidences and certain blessings have made contact. Some of them... I don't even know what to make of. Others fill me with a sense of well-rooted nourishment.

Am I soaring through space?

Hovering in the air?

Deepening into the rich, ancient soil?

I am here somewhere. It seems I am still locating myself.

Soon, I suspect, I will sprout. (Again!)

If ever there was a truly viable purpose to a daily practice, self-location -- I'd say -- is a doozy. Creative unfoldment, too, and fecundity.

Thank you for locating… and blossoming nourishment… along with me.