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Fund Memo

Fund Memo


What is a Fund Memo?

Well! I’m glad you asked. A fund memo is a pretty exciting thing. It’s a one or two page document. It looks like this — and it tells us how we can combine our resources to produce an excellent outcome.

Our first and most important Fund Memo supports Care Notation.

Download this 1-page Care Notation Fund Memo PDF via this Dropbox link or from Telegram at • Visit & chat with us:

Care Notation • Intuitive Fund Memo 

Solutions Invitation from Radio Pública Intuitiva

  • Budget Item 01: Care Notation Stipend for Communications Support

  • Budget needed: $100 per 4-7 day session

  • Challenge: Megan/Max’s neurological and overall executive and social function has been severely compromised for many years due to blunt-force trauma, concussions, TILT, toxemia, and other long-term severe conditions of compound injury. This has resulted in her living in isolation, unable to communicate efficiently and effectively with family, friends, colleagues, audiences, and society. This has affected not only her ability to produce income to support herself, but also it has taken a toll on her life as a whole, as a human being. It has also taken a toll on her ability to maintain worldwide Intuitive infrastructure in which she serves a key role, relied upon for physical safety and survival by many network colleagues worldwide.

  • Solution: Funding a 4-7 day communications support stipend for Max/Megan means she will have a person working with her on a day-to-day basis (a Care Notation Co-Facilitator) to help with specific ongoing communications needs, address emergencies, write texts, provide notes and transcriptions, assist with scheduling and planning, and aid ongoing life functions to support safety and recovery. All in all, care notation support helps to restore contact with the community through attuned direct assistance and building solutions together -- so that Megan/Max can keep developing her community service projects in media, the arts, community networks, income streams, and thrive in the world once again. 

  • Base Minimum Budget Details

    • $100 per 4-7 day session

    • Ongoing need ($400 monthly, $1200 quarterly, $4800 yearly)

Solution Sponsors: Would you like to sponsor this Care Solution?

If you are moved to be involved in nourishing this initiative to fruitfulness, you can send a donation with a note about this memo to, where we will immediately deploy solutions based on funds (and notes) received.

Please also like & comment on this post, and if you like, you can reach out directly to (or by email to to coordinate more funding options.

Thank you for learning about the importance of care notation — and fund memos —here with us today. Blessings to community successes!

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