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Hauntings & Hallows • Arts Immersion

Hauntings & Hallows • Arts Immersion

Intuitive Public invites you to this live, experiential... true... metafiction. Come play.
photo by Max Megan Elizabeth Morris (Dog 7 Wisdom, 11 September 2023)

This is our main Arts Immersion event page for Hauntings & Hallows: our survivors-facilitated Haunted Hows.

If you make a public post expressing your experience of this Arts Immersion, add the URL of this page to your post content so that your readers can also browse our comments list and participate.

Comment at the bottom of this article to add a link to your new public post and any insights or conversation you may like to include. We want to get to share in your experiences, too!

Suggested deadline for publishing links: 13 October 2023, 23:13pm Eastern Time

(Make sure to read or listen to our Orientation & Instructions to understand how best to participate. You can find it here.)

Hauntings & Hallows: Haunted Hows
Intuitive Public Arts Immersion
Featured 25 October - 1 November 2023
Deadline for submissions:
13 October 2023, 23:13pm Eastern Time

This blessed year of 2023 we are introducing the first beginner-friendly, fully guided instance of our Intuitive Public Arts Immersions: Hauntings & Hallows, our survivors-facilitated Haunted Hows.

Though we have facilitated many arts immersions and similarly organized events in the past, this is the first time we’ve published a full set of especially clear instructions making it possible for more others to join in.

Through our massive multiplayer collaborative immersive metafictional transmedia storytelling, we transmute the How!? of trauma to the Hows of collective recovery.

Here is nourishment, true hallows, derived from haunting.

Would you like to join us?

First, read our Intuitive Events & Arts Immersions page — which includes Orientation & Instructions for this and all our similarly structured events.

Then, return to this page and continue reading below about Hauntings & Hallows: Our Haunted Hows Arts Immersion of Autumn 2023.

All caught up on the orientation & instructions page?

Now it’s time to immerse yourself in participatory engagement.

Ground your body…

…Open your heart…

…Steady your belly…

…and keep on reading.

•• • {{ • HAUNTINGS & HALLOWS • }} • ••
•• ‘, • HAUNTED HOWS • ,’ ••

An Excitatory Underworld Ambulation
Honorably Presented By Intuitive Invisibles Of
This Intuitive Social Horror • Accompanied By
Our Esteemed Colleagues In The Mold Cabaret • &
Broadcast Bravely By This Intuitive Public Radio


Oh sufferers of long murder and euphlegmactic abuse-disablement!

We call you to this play.

Harms to you, oft-euphemized, are phlegm-thick -- continuously trauma-climactic.

Still, there is a healing purpose we can focus.

Consider bringing short descriptions to this community project.

Whatever your diverse affliction, rare or common, please! consider yourself eagerly invited.

Your emergencies are worthy.

Your voice must be included.

To join us, peruse these nutritive invitations...

Write the calm, aware horror vignettes that describe sudden recognition of the circumstances we really are in.

Craft text-based scare-share and fright-enlightenment that our guests might receive in exchange for the ticket price of a haunted house adventure — aaahhh! how bracing! — an honest appraisal of true horror, a privilege for them to encounter.

Create each vignette from the point of view of the visitor traveling through a series of terror trips they signed up for, investing in a proper evening's entertainment.

Don't pull your probity or your punchlines.

Don't hurt your visitors -- but don't short them your sincerity.

Imagine the ghoulish surprises you're beset by in a traditional haunted house set-up; write your text to mimic this effect.

This is not fiction.

It is fact.

We organize this Autumn-time presentation for the startle-seekers who think thrill chills are solely the province of the overactive imagination.

All ye front-line sojourners of the modern apocalypse, seasoned souls who know better… do gather.

We've got a thing or zillion to show them.


Tremendous gifts come from challenges bravely met.

We contact the sacred by rising with faith and courage to the most daunting circumstances we experience.

What blessing has come to you in the costume of great suffering?

What strength have you gained when all was lost, and yet you endeavored still, persevering?

Write or create something to share with us; convey these strengths and blessings.

When we tell our stories… matter-of-fact functionally or big-stage theatrically… we can also share the nutriments of these experiences with those who attend our storytelling.

And when we gather our blessings together to tell a lot of stories in the same immersive arts experience…

…we can celebrate the resilience of a network of communities, families, and individuals who bravely support and profoundly care for one another.

Donations during this Arts Immersion (including your presence, expressions, attention, time, funds, or resources) assist Intuitive network infrastructure and our community organizers to build support for survivors of invisible violence, environmental illness, toxic injury, iatrogenic criminality, and all permutations of human trafficking.

Funds contributions can be sent to or offered as a paid subscription to

Volunteers are joyously welcomed to email or message her directly on Telegram messenger at

Thank you for contributing your writings, stories, ideas, social media sharings, financial contributions, volunteering, and/or most fervent prayers for success.

Good fortune, endeavorers.

Your efforts are blessed.


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