So true, that there ARE NO CURRENT MEDICAL OR OTHERWISE UNIVERSALLY AVAILABLE INFRASTRUCTURES that address the needs of severely affected people who have been sucked into and damaged by the worst different forms of what trafficking looks like. I say "the worst" bc trafficking desensitization often starts at kindergarten age, and by the time a person is grown, giving up autonomy to follow someone else's orders, trajectory, class rules, etc, is fully normalized. It's hard to find a sector of contemporary USA society that is NOT a form of trafficking (as in how we in this community have "joked" that "everything is trafficking.") But, the most sensitive often fall through thr deep holes for the very reason that we are the most sensitive. Simply put, a Highly Sensitive Person or Empath (often both but not always) is most likely to be immobilized by toxic or malintentive energy, or most likely to be attracted to a predator.

It makes complete and utter sense why a victim, even who is actively being trafficked, may have no outlet. I have been trafficked all over the USA as a food delivery driver, somehow maintaining my bodily freedom and semblance of autonomy (outside of my marriage, which is a long story not appropriate for this venue), and have sustained severe neurological and moral damage by not only the lack of help available to provide me a proper housing and recovery space on my own terms, but also the very real funnels and threats within the pathways that ARE there and claim to be safe. They are not safe. I had to escape one that surely would have led to levels of trauma that would have been even further unspeakable, and have dodged many others.

A crucial intersection here is the ability of victimized people of trafficking to earn money to create their own livelihoods. No, we cannot wait on waiting lists. No, we cannot live in your "shelter" or group homes. No, we cannot work your "jobs" for reasons so complex they would require a book to delineate, but simply put, we are so specialized and so gifted, that we are over qualified for everything offered, and meanwhile also have endured such damage that we cannot fit into the requirements necessary, like scheduling, taking orders, etc. Rather, we need our needs met, and backpay for years of harm. I suppose this is what @johannabotanica was talking about when she told me I have the right to seek Rainbow Restitution, or was it Compensation? No, it was Reparations. We need repair. And Reparations.

I've written this for almost an hour right upon waking and haven't even had a drop of water. This is how dedicated I am to serving in this position. But you know what? I need water. My baby needs me to drink water so she gets fed. Why is it that I'm still on the front lines of this war instead of having my needs met so I can restore my dignity? Well, that's because that stuff is still on its way. And I am very patient. But these metaphysical and textual infrastructures must be built. I support everything that Max has written here. This is a primary foundational Canon document. It is difficult to read and parse even for someone who has been through the ringer. Yet it is the most gentle application of the basic toolset for victimized people and "laypeople" and also those in adjunct professions who need to learn an entirely new understanding and way of serving those who appeal for help. We are changing everything here. We are creating the root conditions for a blossoming of safe recovery for all, and for restoration of healthy loving supportive communities where everyone is able to live their best life.

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