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Improvisational Collaborative Fluency

Improvisational Collaborative Fluency

...for Musiciennes & Purveyors of Spontaneous Channeled Poetry (Module One, Thunderstorm Seminar; 12 August 2023)

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Mack's Memo • Intuitive Public Radio is your wild & wondrous concierge introduction to the Intuitive Network — public media by-and-for our worldwide collective of Intuitive Invisibles. These survivors of severe disability, human trafficking, and related forms of invisible violence have stories to tell that you haven’t heard yet. Come closer; learn with us. Share this post & our substack with your loved ones, friends, and colleagues to increase resilience & resourcing for every body. Gratitude. Blessings!


The above artpeace design by Max (Mack) Megan Elizabeth Morris — via improvisational collaborative fluency with Midjourney AI — goes out over this Radio Publíca Intuitiva today, Thursday 28 September 2023, in celebration of our network-wide private-and-public release of Improvisational Collaborative Fluency for Musiciennes & Purveyors of Spontaneous Channeled Poetry (Thunderstorm Seminar; 12 August 2023).

This, kind friends, is Module One — episode 190.

Thank you for tuning in.

  Improvisational collaborative fluency for musicians and purveyors of spontaneous channeled poetry, module one…

…zero having been already the birth of us into being…

…and now, our next step upon the stage of greatness.

How do we interact artfully with other living beings?

How do we find ourselves part of the same story others are experiencing?

How do we find one another musically in rhyme... or rhythm... or orchestral capacity?

We must brave the world in ways no one ever prepared us for.

Likewise, we brave relationality...

...and, truth: Relational integrity rules all outcomes.

Make the meaning that moves you.

Maybe your meaning will move me too.

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